Yves Rocher Eau De Toilette – Fresh Rose

Roses—one of the most beautiful and praised flowers – One of my most favorite fragrance Rose. I am reviewing a EDT from Yves Rocher today.

Yves Rocher Rose Fraiche (Fresh Rose) is dedicated to queen rose which is the most gracious decoration in every garden. Delicate scent of rose is the leading theme of the third fragrance of the spring collection by Yves Rocher Un Matin au Jardin. The fragrance is signed by perfumer Shyamala Maisondieu of Givaudan. Rose Fraiche is available in pink bottles, as 20 and 100 ml EDT, along with body lotion and shower gel, 200 ml each.



Science and nature has brought forth one of the world’s most respected skin care brands – Yves Rocher. It offers a wide variety of products which nourish the skin, repairing it from the inside to reveal a healthy and vibrant complexion. Naturally derived ingredients allow Yves Rocher products to provide optimal skin care, making it safe for use to different skin types. Yves Rocher is a famous organic skincare company that started in France almost 50 years ago and has now grown into a very powerful global brand.  In this post, I’ll be reviewing a moisturizer that I used and tested for about 6 months. I know its a very late review. But, now that I have emptied the bottle, I thought this is the best time to review it.