Looking for a solution to the biggest skincare concern – Blackheads and Clogged Pores ? Murad Skincare for rescue

How many times have you stared at yourself in the mirror while putting the makeup on.  Are you somebody who got rid of blushes because you felt – ‘Blushers in general’ was emphasizing your pores making them appear larger.

Blackheads and Clogged Pores are the worst enemies of everyone. In simple words – blackhead is a sebum build-up, dead skin cells, bacteria, and dirt. This is a plug that can grow in size and expand the pore walls, making a pore appear larger.

A blackhead appears on skin like a dark spot. The spot can be tiny, barely visible (like the size of a pin) or quite large and visible. Blackheads are most common on the nose. You can also see them on the cheeks, chin, forehead etc. In today’s post – I am sharing my most loved and most favorite skincare products that help get rid of these worst enemies for that smooth and firm clear skin.

WHO understands this better than Dr. Murad himself – every skin is different, so needs different care to address and improve skin concerns. Murad Pore Reform skin care products are designed to help clear and prevent clogged pores, whiteheads and blackheads. These specially formulated products are targeted to treat clogged pores and blackheads by extracting existing clogs and thereby prevent future blackheads as well.