MAC Studio Finish Concealer – NC45

I am a concealaholic! I have these stubborn dark shadows rather hollows underneath my eyes that make me addicted to concealers. If there is one makeup product in this world that I can’t live without – It’s probably a concealer. I always try different concealers (only high end ones that have more than 90 % positive reviews). I am a fan of MAC pro longwear concealer – reviewed here. However, I wanted a more everyday wear medium – full coverage concealer that is travel friendly too. That’s when I decided to go for MAC Studio Finish Concealer.

MAC Isabel and Ruben Toledo Collection For Spring 2015

Fashion’s most romantic couple, Isabel and Ruben Toledo, are renowned for their award-winning and imaginative work in fashion design and illustration This unique collaboration with MAC pair’s Isabel’s sensational penchant for colour with Ruben’s vibrant energy in a palette of hues designed to sculpt, paint and transform the face. Specially designed white packaging features Ruben’s illustrations, an array of graphic lines and red-lipped faces brought to life with his one-of-a-kind aesthetic.


MAC Matte lipstick – Lavie en Rouge

My absolute love for matte finish lipsticks , was very well catered by MAC on launching a full line of matte lipstick consisting of 8 colours,7 being absolutely new and 1 of them named HEROINE is a re promote from MAC’s regular line. Being the regular self I picked up the brightest pink shade from this collection named LAVIE EN ROUGE. I just can’t resist to look up the meaning of this phrase. It means “The life in red.” well in my case majority of times , the name and packaging of a product influences my purchase a lot , and this time MAC just killed it with such a beautiful name.


MAC Lipstick Vegas Volt

No sooner than January 2014 was I a bright lipstick virgin,or say lipstick virgin as in total,all I owned were a few lip glosses, as I thought that lipsticks were for aunties, did not even want to touch the lightest of shades leave alone these bright boys like vegas volt,but the ice  broke( read lipstick virginity.. ehh I seem to talk like a big girl here :p) when I got my girl about town ,and girl it did make go whirling all about town ,and henceforth never has been a day that I don’t crave for bright punchy lip, I love playful colours like Vegas volt they just add the girly touch. This boy is one hard one to capture the actual colour of, but hell yeah I got it right after like one hundred five twenty five clicks( read: really a  huge number of clicks) so ladies and their lovers here I present to you my review of my summer kick start MAC Vegas Volt




MAC Lipstick – Chatterbox

Hello my honey buns, how are you my girlies, beautiful like diamonds in the sky..!! The name of this lipstick that I am reviewing today and my nature match each other like bread and butter CHATTERBOX, this is what I am ,and this Barbie pink colour makes me talk about this lipstick even more,lets move on to know how I feel about it…..



MAC face and body foundation review: C3

Hello  my makeupholics.. so finally I am writing my first post for  Renji ‘s blog here…..So,  I wanted to start with my recent obsession  and newly found treasure MAC face and body foundation and my shade is C3,it is the very first foundation that I got for my self,after having searched an array of products I wanted something sheer that looks natural and not too madeup ,some didn’t fit in the budget, some did not match correctly, going through all I settled for mac face and body which gives a sheer coverage on initial application and is very comfortably buildable to medium coverage, well as far as I have tried is only to a sheer one coat, as im new to foundations I don’t want to go over board. Lets move onto review….



MAC Powder Blush – Magenta

Hi sweet girls out there…Today was such a relaxing day…A day without opening laptop from morning till evening! I just got up… Was sleeping the whole day because of medicines which I am taking to get rid of eye infection.  Now, I am back to action and I am going to review a powder blush . Lets move onto MAC Magenta review