International shopping is made easier with Shipoutfromusa | My personal experience using SOFU

We all love makeup, don’t we? 2016 was one year full of new launches from almost every brand and we are now almost nearing the middle of 2017 and this year’s new launches are extremely great as well. One of the biggest drawback of living in India is its non accessibility of cosmetics. Though every brand is killing with its new launches. Only a handful of them ships to India and the ones that does – We, Indians end up paying huge amount as customs duty and I really hate paying such high amount for low value items that we order. There is no proper treshold amount or a limit on how the customs calculate the charges. That’s when I looked out for other ways to buy the products that I like. My next available option of purchasing was to pay 2-3 times the original price and get it from any of the Instagram makeup selling pages. This way, I’d completely escape the headache from customs. However, the pain of spending 2-3 times the MRP is painful. I was in the look out for several options and that’s how I came across this site called ShipoutfromUSA
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7 things to know before you order beauty products online

Hiya makeupholics…Hope you all are doing awesome! Which person in these planet doesn’t love shopping? Obviously, no one!  I order anything and everything online. I like how convenient online shopping is and over these years – There were plenty of good and bad sites that I have come across. Through this post today, I am hoping to give you some light on certain things to take care before ordering beauty products online.

Keep Calm And save money online using CouponzGuru

Are you a kind of person who squeeze out every single penny out of your budget? No matter how avid shopaholic you are – No matter what is your income level, you can give yourself feel more comfortable by becoming a savvy shopper. Though we know plenty of online sites, It is a tedious task to check each website and keep track of ongoing store promotions or best deals.  This is where coupons & deals websites come into play. Today’s review is about CouponzGuru and some tips for saving your money while shopping online.