Count Down to Christmas – Biologi, Pure Plant Based Skincare

One major change that has taken beauty world by storm is more and more brands switching to sustainable ingredients for their products. In today’s post I am featuring one of the best plant based brand from Australia.

Biologi’s Founder Ross Macdougald has been creating plant extracts for inclusion in cosmetic products since 2012. Frustrated by the levels at which his serums were being used in commercial products, he created his brand, Biologi, the world’s first 100% active natural plant serum.

It contains no harmful chemicals, no additives, perfumes, not even water.One major change that has taken beauty world by storm is more and more brands switching to sustainable ingredients for their products.

Biologi is the first skincare company to master the entire production process from plant to bottle. Biologi is extracted, produced and packaged in Byron Bay, Australia, using organic native botanical’s.

For this Christmas, If you are planning to get a gift that your loved one will cherish. Then, this is a great option. I am introducing three of their fabulous products to you.


Fiducia Botanical Skincare | All Natural Handcrafted Modern Skincare Products #MadeInIndia

These days, We all are concerned a lot about eating the right food. Starting from the supermarket shelves, we reach out for products labeled “gluten-free” and “all-natural.” etc. Well, When you think that one must eat foods that contain natural ingredients; shouldn’t the same apply to your skincare? Most skincare products available today have parabens in them. Though, cosmetics regulatory has accepted to include parabens in skincare products for many years, recent researches have shown that exposure to parabens may cause reproductive issues, and are also linked to an increased risk of cancer. It’s important to look for skincare that’s free of harmful chemicals, irritants, preservatives, allergens etc.In today’s post I am introducing another fabulous Indian Skincare brand I came across.

Fiducia Botanicals is an all natural handcrafted Indian skincare brand which focuses on the use of high performance active ingredients, They have a variety of skincare products to suit every skintype and address every skin concern.

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#ChristmasGifts #Holiday2018 Gift your loved one ‘Natural Clean Skincare’ during this festive season

Skin and Senses skincare products is the brainchild of momtastic duo, Kili and Roxy. These two longtime friends and LA-based working moms have spent years in the beauty and fashion industries. Skin and Senses makes natural skincare for all women, featuring both a main line and a pregnancy-specific line. They have a variety of Read more…

Elixir Shop 100% Natural Skincare Blends – New form of luxury

While essential oils are really good for skin. It’s not meant to be used directly on skin. I love aroma therapy oils and I have been mixing and matching various oils with the carrier oil – almond or coconut since so many years now. Essential oils penetrate through the outer layers of the skin, and heal from within.

Essential oils, Though they are proven to be wonderful on skin. if not used correctly, you’d end up with rashes and burns. One must not apply undiluted oils directly to skin. They are very concentrated and may cause chemical burns, rashes and allergies if used undiluted. I recently discovered this wonderful skincare brand that specially make oil blends to address various skin concerns. I was gifted two of their best sellers to try.



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Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate & Full Lash Volume Mascara

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In this post, I am covering come of new products that are going to be launched in NZ soon. A week back I received this beautifully packaged bag from Shiseido.  I received the Shiseido ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Eye Concentrate &  Full Lash Volume Mascara and I am completely bowled down by the packaging. I am going to give you an insight of what each product is , What does it claim and When is the launch date etc.