Manuka Doctor Replenishing Facial Oil

Guest post by : Navya

Slathering oil all over your face sounds a little scary even if you have extremely dry skin. I definitely don’t want to make my face look like an oil factory by applying oil. I am from a place where Everyone uses Extra virgin coconut oil  & its products for skincare. Ever since my childhood I have been using oil on my hair, my skin etc. i always wanted to try a different oil. Sometimes I wonder, How to even find a oil that doesn’t make your face look greasy. That’s when my dearest renji send me this bottle of gorgeousness and I decided to give this a try. Here I am exactly after 3 weeks of using it to give my honest opinion on it. Before we start – Let me give a little intro about my skin, my skin concerns etc. I have a dry skin with little acne on my cheek area. nothing major, Just like many of you girls who get occasional breakouts – So am I. My skin concerns are- I have a super sensitive skin. I don’t wear makeup on a regular basis. I am also lazy when it comes to skincare. I stay in a college hostel in the Shimla which has a harsh cold climate all the time.

Now, at least some of you guys might ask this – Million dollar question – Why a face oil ? A good face oil actually make your skin super soft and glowy, non-greasy. Some even help fight acne (seriously yes!). The trick is knowing when to use them—and finding the right one for your skin type. Having said these, Lets move on to the review..