Get Pampered in the comfort of your home using these lovely Ma Earth Botanicals Massage Oils

Most of my weekdays are packed up with meetings and only Sunday can be considered my weekend. On Sundays, I mostly go out with friends, do some shopping or a quiet dinner date with him. I rarely get time to go to a salon or a relaxing spa.

I love body and skin pampering sessions at salons and for a person with busy schedule like mine, Naturals products come to rescue. I was sent few products from this Indian brand called Ma Earth Botanicals. I have shared my thoughts about them here. After using products from this brand, I decided to buy some of their other products. Especially, massage oils and a Lavender based facial scrub immediately caught my attention. If you are regular reader of my blog, You guys might already know by this time how I love ‘Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser’. Anything Lavender is so of my liking and I decided to try these two massage oils along with a facial scrub from them.

Talking about the price point, I felt it’s tad lil more expensive than what I’d normally spend for the same kind of product from another brand variant. But, the product descriptions and destress properties totally got me hooked. In this post, I will be sharing my experiences about these two products.

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