4 Organic Skincare Brands to checkout

‘Pure & Natural’, ‘Organic’ are the terms we are hearing a lot these days. With a lot of brands coming up with claims of using products made out of natural ingredients – It’s really confusing to choose between different brands. Going organic in skincare is extremely beneficial to your skin. In this post I am talking about 4 brands that are totally worth checking out.

Purearth Wild Rose Himalayan Mist - $40.00

Gia Bath & Body Works Coconut Rose Body Polish

Body scrubs exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities from your skin leaving your skin feeling silky smooth. Coconut is known for its soothing and nourishing properties. Roses act as a natural skin astringent for they effectively improve the tone and texture of your skin while pampering it. Like coconuts, roses are also anti-bacterial and antiseptic and heal skin irritations. I have seen several DIY blog posts  featuring body scrubs with rose and coconut.  But, me as a lazy girl never bothered (read – “no patience”) to try out the DIYs. That’s when I found this body polish with (Coconut & Rose) from Gia Bath & Body Works. Continue reading to find out why I love this so much…