Easy Chilli Chicken | Recipe

Chilli Chicken is one of my most favorite dish ever. It reminds me of my childhood days, During Christmas, my mom and aunt cooks a variety of non veg dishes. As kids, back then we used to have Christmas vacation and it brings me those awesome childhood days where I helped my mom and aunt in chopping some of the ingredients and waiting impatiently for the yummiest food ever 🙂 My aunt used to serve this with fried rice which  I will share in another post. Very rarely, I make Chilli Chicken at my home in NZ too. My husband is a fan of non veg food just like me. I have made few changes in the regular Chilli Chicken recipe. Me and my husband are fan of spicy food and so,  ihave matched the ingredients to make it more spicy. I hope you will try this recipe and let me know whether you like it or not. Presenting Renji’s style of Chilli Chicken, Lets get started!
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