Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer | Review

I must admit that I am a concealer junkie. Have the worst hereditary dark under eye circles. No skincare product in this entire planet can give me a rescue from this stubborn dark circles. Now, another possible way is to hide them using concealers. That’s how I started my journey of concealers – From MAC-Benefit-Kryolan-Dermablend – the list goes on. Dermablend, Kyolan etc really help in banishing those dark shadows. They are more of a heavy makeup and so, I don’t prefer to use those products unless its a function/party. Else, my way to concealer is MAC. I love experimenting and I have never used any drugstore concealers. This one was sent by Collection Cosmetics (previously known as Collection 2000) for review. I decided to give this a try and in this post, I am sharing my experiences using this