Commodity Offerings for Black Friday & Holidays 2017

Are you are into exploring different fragrances and loves candles that are instagram worthy ? Are you someone who is bored of makeup and skincare gift sets ? Are you are looking for a unique and luxury fragrance holiday gift set for yourself or your mom or loved one ? Commodity has launched some wonderful gift sets and a new line of products.

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Commodity is a unisex, cruelty-free fine fragrance, body and home collections are available in over 30 countries through prestige retailers and direct e-commerce.Commodity believes that fragrances should be all about you. Inspired by everyday commodities, each scent invites you to add your own personality. By mixing and matching, you can discover scents that truly fit.

In this post I am featuring 3 unique gift options from the brand. All Commodity fragrances are unisex, paraben-free and cruelty-free. Candles are hand-poured and blended.