Best Sunscreens I have ever tried !

How many of us use sunscreen on a daily basis ? I bet majority don’t. People often tend to forget the fact that usage of sun block cream, sun protective creams or simply sunscreens are not limited to summer season. Be it, Summer,  Winter, Monsoon or Spring, The need for shielding your soft skin from harsh rays of the sun is extremely important.

UVB radiation causes sunburn and skin cancer, while UVA radiation is responsible for long term skin damage and ageing, as well as skin cancer, including melanoma. Apart from this, UV rays can also cause permanent damage to eyes.

While a little Vitamin D is important, it does not mean that you should expose your body to risk. Only known options to avoid the harmful effects of the sun are to limit sun exposure, wear protective clothing, and apply sunscreen. Applying sunscreen slows down the aging of skin, prevents facial brown spots and skin discolouration etc

Having said that, most of the girls wear makeup on a daily basis. And most sunscreens available these days doesn’t fit well under the makeup.  I’ve realized that wearing a sunscreen straight up after or before the moisturizer is not very good! Quite tough to follow up with your regular beauty routine as I found most of them has stiff texture white cast,  greasy consistency, feels heavy on skin when other products are layered on, difficult to blend in the foundation etc. I was in the hunt for a sunscreen other than Neutrogena which is my HG product since so many years. That was when I got sent these two sunscreens – COOLA Mineral Suncare, Cucumber Matte Finish Face Sunscreen, SPF 30 & Suncros Soft Matte Finish Sunscreen SPF 50+