Journey to flawless skin starts here; INSTYTUTUM – Luxury Skincare

INSTYTUTUM products are a combination of cosmeceutical ingredients, patented stem cells and biomimetic textures, which have been clinically tested to ensure scientifically-proven efficacy. Each formula contains efficacious levels of the most important ingredients your skin needs. I have been trialling their products and I am super impressed with its efficacy. Basically, this post is going to answer all your queries about using these products.

A little about the brand
INSTYTUTUM High Performance Skincare was inspired by Natalia Derkach, M.D., a truly visionary woman. Her dream was to create her own skincare brand with truly effective, innovative, clinically-tested products.To pursue her passion for beauty, she teamed up with the most prestigious Swiss laboratory. Its scientists have over 30 years of experience in the skincare industry. Together they created INSTYTUTUM skincare and brought her vision to life.

I got introduced to this brand through my colleague. After she returned from her Swiss holiday. I started noticing some changes on her face. Her acne prone skin seemed to have calmed down. Her skin was no more red. I started noticing her skin naturally glowing and I wanted to know the secret. She told me it’s all after she started suing her recent skincare find all the way from Switzerland. I checked their site. As it’s an international brand and seeing the price point, I left it there. Months later, I got a chance to try their products. I was incredibly happy to see this package gifted to me. The moment I saw the package and the design. I knew it’s the same brand my friend uses.

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