From My collection: Swatches of 6 Pink NYX Round Lipsticks:)

Hi dearies……I thought to do a swatch post of all the pink NYX lipsticks I have
So here’s it:) Let me know if you would love to see the lip swatches of the same….If yes, Which shade should I lip swatch first, Round Lippie in the shade Fusion have already been reviewed by me:)


Harmonica is a light pink shade, I don’t like this shade at all..This color just isn’t flattering on my skin tone,  It has a silvery sheen to it. The texture is pretty good, it’s creamy and it applies well, But it just don’t suit me…

Fusion is a shade that compliments my skin tone.a very pretty fuschia with blue undertones. I have reviewed it in a separate post here, I love love love this shade a lot! one of my favourites!!

Paris is a warm pinkish shade, again a favourite shade of mine..More wearable than the last shade Narcissus:)

Tea Rose is a cool toned pinkish shade with orange undertones, lovely shade…compliments dusky skin tone well :) again one of my favourite shade!

Paparazzi is a nice middle toned pinkish shade, next to tea rose, its the most gorgeous pink :)

Narcissus is a bright bubble gum pinkish shade…it suits fair skin tones well, I love to use a dark gloss on top of this…

These are the 6 Pink Lipsticks I have from NYX….I love all the shades other than Harmonica….I got Harmonica as a gift….It appears a kind of whitish on my lips…I dislike that…My favourite is Tea Rose, Paparazzi and Fusion:))

Which are your favourites:))
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  • Lee.B

    oooooh i wanna steal them all.Fab Collection!
    ould love to see the lip swatches of all especially paparazzi


      thnx dear:)) I also love Paparazzi a lot:))) will do the lip swatch soon:))

  • Belle

    Tea rose and paris are my favorites! ENVY.

    Harmonica seems a lot like Strawberry Milk (which I own) and wished it looked good instead of being frosty shade.


      Tea Rose and Paris are really pretty..compliments most of the skin tones….Thnx forr stopping by….I am now following ur blog too :))

  • Belle

    Your most welcome, babe! And thank you :D

  • Nids

    wow.. nice collection.. u seem to love pinks ;)

  • Avantika

    wow love them all <3


    Wowwwww! I’m drroling over your collections Renji XD
    I loveeeeeee pink :D

  • Rajalakshmi Murali

    Great collection Renji..!! it will be very useful when someone wants to pick those up..! harmonica will wash me out. But i love, tea rose and fusion..!!! :D

  • Samannita Modak

    lovely collection you have.I love tea rose mopst :)
    Actually i love all ;)

  • nisha tiwari

    I loved Paris and Narcissus. When are you going to post LOTD with those?