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First of all let me tell you sorry for not posting any reviews since a week…
I was out of town and was not able to access my blog online….Now, I am back to town once again and I promise that I will keep posting reviews fro mnow..
Let me start with a wonder product I recently started using…
L’Occitane Immortelle   Brightening Moisture Mask

One of the amazing amazing face mask I have ever tried…
I am so in luv with this mask..
To know how it changed my problematic skin..Just keep reading….

What L’Óccitane claim about Immortelle   Brightening Moisture Mask

The Brightening Moisture Mask is an intensive treatment that immediately gives skin a real hydration and brightening bath to help to preserve its youthful glow. 
Its thirst-quenching, fresh, blue creamy gel formula combines: 
pure and micro-encapsulated organic immortelle essential oil to protect against free radicals and for anti-wrinkle and firming effectiveness,
Bellis perennis brightening extract combined with wintergreen vegetal acid to make the complexion flawlessly luminous,
a moisturising fig extract which helps to nourish skin.
Skin is is immediately and deeply moisturised, smoothed and more firm. Complexion is brighter with an even-toned finish and a youthful glow. 
Immortelle grows abundantly on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and has an exceptionally long life. Its flowers produce an essential oil that boosts collagen synthesis and helps to stimulate microcirculation to enhance cell renewal. Bellis perennis, the daisy flower, opens its petals each day with the sunrise and closes them at dusk. Its flower offers a brightening extract that contributes to reduced melanin synthesis. 

Tolerance dermatologically tested. Non comedogenic.


Packaging and Price
Comes in a huge rounded tub like packaging wit ha protective sealing..
Price: 39 GBP (Around 3800 INR)
Qty: 125 ml
Shell life: 6 months
Directions to use

Apply a thick layer to clean, dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. For a well-being sensation and micro-circulation activation, use the following technique: 

  • Boost microcirculation and eliminate toxins: Starting at the chin, gently pinch the skin between the thumb and fingers and glide along the outline of the face, working outwards. 
  • Smooth the skin: Massage the face with your fingertips, using circular movements. 
  • Then smooth the palms of the hands over the face several times, from the centre outwards. Remove any excess product with a cotton pad. No need to rinse.


My views about the L’Occitane Immortelle   Brightening Moisture Mask
This is the best face mask I have tried…
I wonder Why I did take this much time to buy this….Even though its expensive…Its really worth the money you spend…This product brightens the skin and lightens the pigmentation marks…This product uses an essential oil derived from the flowers which is said to boost collagen and cell renewal. The consistency of the product is very very creamy….After cleansing my face with L’Occitane Immortelle brightening cleansing foam, This smells so  divine (reminds me of a garden.fresh cut leaves and daisy flowers) so leaves skin smooth, supple and brightens skin visibly.This is a very good airplane beauty treatment..It deeply hydrates the skin..This mask was recommended to me by my friend..thnx to her :))
The good thing is that this mask doesnt make you look like you have a mask on, it just looks like you have a cream on your face…I feel my skin brighter. There is a visible radiance the whole day This gives me the same results as  salon spa facial…
I am really happy with this product and I will continue using this 🙂 I apply the Immortelle brightening moisture cream too followed by this mask… I have include the swatches and snap of the mask…


  • hydrates skin deeply
  • lasts for a long time
  • doesn’t feel like you have put on the mask..very light on skin
  • very creamy and  luvly luvly fragrance
  • results can be visibly seen from the first use
  • no need to wash the mask
too pricey:(

Will I repurchase

I recommend to all those who want to become beautiful :))
Just drop facial from salon for a while and invest in this miracle product…This can be put on a day before your special day…results can be seen from the first time use itself….


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