Hi beauties…
You guys would be now so tired of reading so many haul posts of mine….I didn’t buy it all at once…within the last couple of weeks, I bought these….
I wanted to stock up wet wipes an other essential makeup removers as I am doing a lot of travel these days…
So last time when I visited Superdrug, There was a huge offer going on, If you select 3 or more items on selected brands,you will the cheapest ones from each brand for free, I grabbed some essential stuffs :))

I bought some skin care wipes, a Vit E body cream, tea tree oil, Tea tree spot stick, nose strips, Face masks, cleansing pads, and Evening Primerose oil
I bought Evening Primerose oil to do a DIY task….
I have ordered few items online too..I haven’t received it, once I get it, I will update that too:) I had around 10 pounds free to spend in store…So I bought some items in store, as my points from Superdrug cant be redeemed online

Hope you all enjoyed my haul!!!

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