Hello to all makeupholics there….Huv is the sunday going??
Hope its rocking for you all!!!

Today is special for me as I got a blog award,Liebster Award from Gayatri of HnB
Thank you soo much Gayu….My joy is endless… :happy dance :happy dance 😛

1.Post 11 things about myself 
2.Answer the tagger’s questions. 
3.Tag and pass the award to 11 other bloggers. 
4.Create 11 questions for the bloggers to answer. 
5.Go to the blogger’s page and inform them about the award.

Rule 1: 11 things about myself

  1. I am so sensitive and at the same time so short tempered 😀
  2. I love my husband a lot; We are just like Tom and Jerry; We knock each other…We irritate each other a lot…But can’t live without each other
  3. I am crazy about eye shadows and teddy bears
  4. I am a Software Quality Analyst by profession
  5. I am scared of thunder and lightening
  6. I love to sleep a lot
  7. I love to write poetry
  8. I like to listen to the same song again and again, over and over until I am bored of it….
  9. I always dream about or own world 
  10. I still watch cartoons and cartoon network….almost all the shows
  11. I hate all the actresses whom my husband is crazy about….selfish renjo…..
Rule 2: Answer to the taggers Questions; Gayatri’s Questions

1. Who and what inspired you to blog?
I was a regular reader and follower of IMBB, still follows and reads IMBB and thats how I came into blogging world…I can say that Its Rati of IMBB who inspired me to start a blog of my own…

2. How were your initial days in blogging?
Initial days of blogging were really fun…I started testing each corner of the home to see whether its good to take photographs…My hubby used to wonder when I take snaps and swatch snaps…:D :D; started buying products to review them… still loving it….

3. Do you visit parlour? if yes, for what services?
Yes…For Hair Spa and Hair cutting Services….

4. What are your daily must have products?
moisturiser, concealer, foundation, eye shadow and lip balm

5. List out the products you have now.
Well, if you check the labels of my blog, you can find them all 🙂 There are more to come…

6. What are your future goals?
make my blog a bigger one…do video reviews…learn a lot about makeup, become a Software Test manager and it goes like that…so many goals….hehehe :D:D

7. What’s your style in the sense of fashion? Type of clothes you prefer etc
when it comes to fashion; I am so selective…I will cease to wear the type of clothes which fashionista’s prefer….I have my own versions of dressing..I prefer to mix and match and experiment with different styles… I read and rate dressing and fill wardrobe by choosing the best in town 🙂 courtesy to cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Bohoo, new look 🙂 I prefer casuals 🙂 

8. Most important person in our life.
My Husband….I will do anything to be his everything

9. Your hobbies list please…
Love to listen to music…check out the DIY in various blogs and try to do the same…make cute scrap books and wall stickers, cooking 

10. What is beauty? Define it.
Beauty is not something which can be defined by age, size, color, gender and body shape..It is all about how well presentable you are… Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical. It can be called as a  quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind

11. What will you do if you are unable to blog for certain reasons? 
The first thing i will do is, I will intimate my followers that I got stuck with something and can’t do blogging for some time…

Rule 3: Tag and pass the award to 11 other bloggers. 
  1. Who inspired you to start blogging
  2. If you were to select 3 products from all the brands available what 3 products will you choose and why
  3. What is our Favourite Perfume
  4. What is your favourite past time other than blogging
  5. Where is your dream destination
  6. What is Favourite drugstore brand
  7. Do you really follow the CTM routine
  8. “Your beauty mantra”
  9. Who is beautiful according to you
  10. Have you ever come across haters in blogosphere
  11. Type of dress you prefer

Thanks dearies….If you love to answer these questions…Please answer them in my comments section…Thanks once again Gayatri for choosing me for the award….Have fun dearies…Happy Sunday!!!


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