A Lovely Blog Award

Hi to all my wonderful friends:)
Today I am so happy…I received another lovely blog award.
Thanks to Nisha from Shinedine for this wonderful award!
She have a wonderful blog..Do visit her sweet blog and follow her:)
Once again, Many thanks to her for nominating me for this award!

Rules of the award:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Add The One Lovely Blog Award to your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Pass the award onto 15 nominees and let them know

Now 7 sweet things about me…

1) Apart from Blogging, I write Poems:) wondering, hehehe:) I enjoy it a lot
2) I always love to detail all the simple things around me….
3) I am so obsessed with all the cute things around…let it be dress, shoes, eye shadows anything..Everything cute catches my attention
4) The malayalam song (link here) makes me cry..whenever I hear this or watch this song, I cry a lot…Dunno why its so..Its one of my favourite song!
5) I really treasure all the friends I got from Blogging World!
6) I love watching cartoons:) 
7) I am so possessive in nature…dunno whether its a good or bad quality

hehehe:) that are 7 random facts about me

Now, I am passing this award to
  1. Smita         Smita’s world
  2. Shalini     – bbeautilicious
  3. Preetha   – Indian Beauty Jounal
  4. Jyoti       – Everything that Matters
  5. Beeni         – Beauty and Everything Else
  6. Sophie       – Endless Panache
  7. Sukanya    – makeupbeautylounge
  8. Ray           – Beauty Specialist
  9. Suma         –  I simply love makeup
  10. Pooja        –   beautybrainsbrawns
  11. Deeptima      –   Beauty Unleashed
  12. Preethi            –   CutePinksandPurples
  13. Lancy               –       Makeupand BeuatyTips
  14. Inderjeet            –     Makeupchirps
  15. Apoorva            –Apoorva thinks
To all I tagged:) Enjoy the tag and have fun!

I love you all!

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