Hi Makeupholics…If you follow me in FB, You would have already seen the snaps of yesterday’s blogger Friends Meet!!
Me, Nidhi, Jyoti and Apoorva met @ Inorbit Mall:)
It was really an enjoyable evening…
Nidhi is a cute cute cute person..She looks like a #Snow White:) #Fairy #Angel..what to say more..All of you would be familiar with her :)She have beautiful lips (reason why she loves lipsticks a lot! :D) ,well defined eyes and she is sooo sooo sooo slim..Don’t even look like she s the mom of a cutie 2 year old baby….Luv you Nids…..

Now, To talk about Jyoti of Everythign that matters
She is a simple and sweet person I have ever met …. She have a special glow on her face and she have that natural blush o nher face all the time…her smile can even make the dullest person smile!
Luvd her company a lot…:) She loves Cold Coffee…She loves MAC….She loves all the cute things around and she too have pretty pout πŸ™‚

Next is my teeny tiny appuz….of I Diva
She is sweet sweet sweet like a Minny mouse..infact the sweetest amongst all…..so cute and have all the naughty ideas!!!
Oh…My….she s soo sweeeet..what to say more…The naughtiest cute lil one famous for her cutest ideas…Hse always have some topic to talk about and u knw …she s find of all the loveliest thigns around her and will start to detail when she get a hint about anything around… She loves to pose fro photos …Very photogenic like all of us..ehhehe:P (I am right right…we are all beautiful right.??? hehehe :D)
She have lovely straight hair..which is soft soft soft like snow, bubbles what not…(Snow is soft right…It looks soft) ….She loves lip srubs, lipsticks, nail polishes, red totes, ballerinas…almost like every other sweet cindrella’s around….I felt like we are all in college..Such an amazing evening it was!!!!!
I had packed 3 cute similar gifts for them and I am so glad that they really luvd it:)))
Now, Here are the wonderful snaps where you will spot ‘Fantastic 4’

We have planned for outings…So you can Expect a bomb of photographs !!!!

Luv ya guys,..Luvd your company a lot:))