Hiya dearies!!! Today’s Post is really going to be a different one…. Everyone in blogosphere seems to be doing an empties post!! I was inspired to do this Empties post seeing the one made by Shori of MakeupFashion&EverythingILike !! 

Basically, I am a slow person and so , I won’t finish up the products soon!!
But , I have the habit of collecting attractive empty pots, tubs and containers of used stuffs by me!!!
So, When I thought first about doing this post, I decided to show a sneak peak of what all I used till now, I am not including hair stuffs, as I never finish using them!!
Also, I threw away some of the hair stuffs which I finished up using!!
These are the products which I have been using almost for a year and I finished up all these!! I am so happy that I was able to finish up lot of products, try them and provide my honest opinion about those!! Some of them are yet to be reviewed!!!

1) Loccitane FootCream 
An Awesome Cream which really softens the foot area. Got it as a free gift when I purchased Angelica Collection from Loccitane!!!

2)VLCC acne corrector Gel
Have heard mixed reviews about this Product, Atleast It worked for me, Removes new acne within 3 days of usage without leaving marks behing, Quite affordable too, Comes with a Price tag of less than 100 Rs. I have repurchased this!!

3)AVON Honey Mask
My First AVON product, A good mask which makes skin soft and supple…It didnt give any miracle results, didnt do anything bad either!!
I didn’t repurchase as it does nothing…My skin feels soft and results are excellent when I only use honey on face which is quite cheaper option too!!! )
Buy from any AVON Representative!!!

4)TBS Vitamin C Microdermabrasion 
An excellent Product, Already Repurchased!! I have a super sensitive skin!! This work Perfectly for me!!!

5)Aroma Magic Under Eye Cream
A good cream that moisturises under eye area well. Again, I didnt see any results on my dark circles….
Will never repurchase!!; Buy Here

6)Forest Essentials Delicate Facial Cleanser: Kashmiri Saffron & Neem
An excellent Face Cleanser, I am already on my thrid bottle of this, I use it four times every single day!! one after wakign up as part of my CTM routine, 2nd, In the noon time after lunch! , 3rd, After reaching home from Office….4th…While bathing @ Night

7)Forest Essentials Narangi and Nagkesar Facial Ubtan
An excellent Ubtan for Combination skin, Removes Tan, Keeps face healthy and fresh!!!
8) Loccitane Shampoo: This was the bottle Where  I stored the mix of three essential Oils, Olive+Almond+Castor; I finsihed it up!!!

9) TBS Peach Shower Gel
A refreshing Body Bath with the exoti frutiy smell!! great for summers!!!But, If you ask me to shoose between best summer time shower gel(TBS Peach or Loccitane Universal) I will choose Loccitane!
Buy from all body shop outlets countrywide

10) Loccitane Universal Shower Gel
Undoubtedly, the most loved Body Bath of all the time, If u love lemon and If u love the sumemry scent !! thsi is for you!! I can’t explain in words how good it feels after a bath using this awesome product!! already repurchased!! this is my fav shower gel ever ever and will be for sure!!!
Read my review here 

11) TBS Pressed Powder
Finished up 2 compacts, now using the third one!!! Have never got a perfect match other than this!! 
My HG Compact!! I never tried or thought about a different brand ever since I started using it!!!
Read my review here

12) TBS Rainforest Hair treatment
Will never repurchase!! Its a kind of ok product…loved it when I using it afer washing hair using TBS Rainforest Range…I know I can mange without this, You just need this or the conditioner, not both at the same time!!!
Read my review here

13)TBS Vit E Night Cream
My way to go Night Cream during Winters!! 
Read my review here

14)TBS Aloe Day Cream
Very soothing cream while you suffer from severe breakouts, soon after plucking eye brows, or after a facial.
excellent to be used as a n after moisturiser after application of Clay based Masks!! Keeps skin hydrated!!
Read my review here

15)TBS Aloe Night Cream
same as above!!!
Read my review here

16)Lush Mask of Magnaminty
Treat your acne wisely!! I think this is the bes tcaption for this!! so soothing…so effective on problematic skin!!!! I dunno about others!! For me I know  I just love love this product!! already repurchased
Read my review here

17)VLCC UnderEye Cream
My way to go eye cream before applying concealer, keeps my eye area moisturised and it is just awesome!!
Out of 3 VLCC products I liked, this holds the second palce, Firs place is VLCC Acne Clearing Gel, third, VLCC Pediglow kit!!!

18)Loccitane Angelica Cream
Awesome day cream!! can’t repurchase because it burns my pocket!!! damn expensive!! 
Might not suit all !! should check a sample before buying!!
Read my review here

19)Loccitane Pivona Flora Shower Gel
My god!! this is just sooo awesome!! If you love roses and florals,, this is for you!! a great gift!! Again, Didn’t repurchase!! damn expensive!!! 

20)Loccitane Almond shower Oil
My favourite Shower Oil, repurchased!!! experience it once!! you will keep buying this !!!
I purchased a second bottle despite the price!
Read my review here 

21)Loccitane Green Tea Shower Oil
If you like citrusy + green tea smell, this is for you!!! great showergel that makes skin smooth and clean!….worth a try!! again damn expensive!!!!
Read my review here 

22)Super drug Tea Tree Oil
finished up 2 bottles…I swear!! Tea Tree Oil is something which I need everyday to fight against breakouts!!!
Read my review here

23)MAC Select Coverup Concealer
On among many favourites!!! my daily use product!! cant step out of the house without this!!!

24) TBS big curvy Mascara
A good mascara!! not a big fan of it though!!!

25)Lakme Eyeconic Kajal
finished up one , I doubt whether I will repurchase!!! I wanna try other eye liner kohls…thinking on which to try!!!

26) Forest Essentials Walnut Scrub
Too expensive for a scrub!! but its a wonderful product I must say!!!

Did you like this post? Hope you guys had fun reading this!!

I will update rest of the product reviews soon!!!
What all products have you emptied till this month!!!

Bye dearies!!!