Happy New Year Makeupholics!! New Year Resolutions 2014

Hiya all………..
So, today is a new start, starting of a new year!
How many of you are not so excited about it? I know, no one!!!
I was waiting for 2014….I look forward to it!

 My Top New Year Resolutions!!

  • Be more regular on my blog
  • I’d hire more writers for my blog…
  • Start writing poems again! how many here know that I used to write short poems….
  • Read a lot!!! Oh my boy…How did I lost that habit!
  • Eat at right time…
  • Don’t skip breakfast…
  • Buy Naked 3 palette, Lorac Pro Palette, lots of MAC
  • Review all pending products in my kitty!
  • Concentrate more on job
  • Do something different
  • Buy a new phone
  • Buy a new camera
  • Buy a car for myself
  • Exercise regularly
  • Drink lots of water everyday
  • Spend time with family
  • Go for Picnics
  • Reduce short temper
These are my New Year Resolutions…
I’d love to read your list too 🙂

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