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Washing your face with the wrong kind of products can leave your face looking dull, wrinkled and tired. And this includes soap. Most of the soaps cannot be used on face because of the harsh chemicals present in them. While most soaps, that claim to be safe works perfectly well for the rest of your body, it might not suit your sensitive/acne prone skin type. Skin on your face is very delicate and can easily start looking damaged if proper products are not used. Last soap I remember using on my face was Clinique Soap which didn’t work for my face and I stopped using it halfway.

Two weeks back I received these handmade goodness from Soap Square. Soap Square is a organic and natural brand which make luxury handcrafted soaps.

Soap Square make the soaps with careful consideration for your skin’s needs using essential oils, glycerin and natural ingredients. These vegetarian soaps contain real fruit extracts and no parabens or petrochemicals were used in their production. You can choose from the wide variety of 100% herbal soaps to pamper your skin with!

In this post, I am reviewing 2 of the soaps I received – Peppermint with Aloe butter & French Lavender with Shea butter


To know more about the brand,you can check out their Website as well as their Facebook Page.

Peppermint with Aloe butter Soap – 200 INR & French Lavender with Shea butter Soap – 250 INR



Take a look at these soaps below – Perfect size to hold – They come wrapped in a thin plastic film with sticker labels that has ingredients and all other details listed.


25 Peppermint with Aloe butter Soap – 200 INR


Peppermint is a natural antiseptic with skin brightening and toning properties. Aloe butter contains all the key properties of Aloe Vera. It is skin soothing and re-hydrating.



Peppermint and Aloevera is a heavenly combination. This soap is enriched with the goodness of peppermint essential oil which is great for the skin. My mom was suffering from body acne and heat rashes because of hot summer and  this soap really helped sooth her skin, remove itchiness and left a really good cooling effect. It lathered well and gave a cooling effect on skin. She says, the pepper mint frangrance felt very refreshing too.  Peppermint oil reduces acne and Aloevera is a hero ingredient.  Aloevera is known for it’s healing properties. Her body acne got reduced within few days of using this soap and she said- it helped with the redness of rashes on her body. She loved this soap and have already asked me to re-oder it when she finishes this one.

French Lavender with Shea butter Soap – 250 INR


I am a big fan of Lush Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser and this one smells exactly like it. I know it’s because of the miraculous “Lavender” – This is the one of the best Lavender based soaps available in India.  I have a super sensitive skin and I am always careful on whatever products I apply to my face. When I initially read that, it can be used to alleviate acne and something which is organic – Yes, I decided to try it and I loved it. it has lavender flecks on it and it is really gentle and good in exfoliating the face an body area leaving it soft and smooth.


Lavender based products are excellent for skin, helps reduce acne. Lavender is one of the main aromatherapy healing oil because of it’s well known calming effect on every problem – rashes, insect bites, body pain, headaches, migraine –  Lavender oil has great antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Did I tell you- I spray Lavender Oil mixed with parts of water as my pillow mist before going to bed.


Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 12.46.58 AM

I really loved how soothing and calming it smelled like and it left my face and body really soft & hydrated. I really liked how it left my body hydrated. Magic of Shea butter! I didn’t feel my skin to by stretchy or dried out after using it. Never felt the need to use a separate body lotion or moisturiser. I used it during day time as well as night time. I am definitely repurchasing this soap. I wish the brand launches massage bars with the same lavender ingredients. I will be the first one to buy it 🙂



What I really loved about these handmade treats is that they are organic. They are of the perfect size you can hold. You can safely use it on your face as well. Both soaps lathers well, Smells awesome and doesn’t make skin dry or stretchy. Like other handmade soaps- These doesn’t melt soon. But, You have to properly dry this after each usage as it’s made out of natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any preservatives- I store them in my glass soap jar and after every use I drain the water on it using my hair dryer and cover it up using a clean film and store it inside the shower drawer.

My recommendation – Do try out French Lavender with Shea Butter Soap if you are new to the brand. If you like lavender smell and if you are looking for a handmade treat which is free from all nasty ingredients – This is the one! Go, grab it and do tell me your opinion after using it. If you have body acne, redness or rashes or prickly heat- Do try the peppermint with aloe butter soap- It’s very refreshing, leaves skin cool, reduce itchiness and helps heal the rashes quick!

You can check full soap portfolio on Soap Square’s website here

Have you tried Soap Square Soaps. Which is your favorite soap ?

** PR Sample. Products send by Soap Square ; However, my review is honest and unbiased as always. Soaps may contain essential oils. Before buying a soap, Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredient present in the soap. The soaps I tried were chosen by me.

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