Reading the heading of this post, at least some of you might wonder- Why sleep on a slip silk pillowcase instead of cotton or satin?
Traditional pillowcases don’t slip, causing damage to hair and delicate facial skin. Technically speaking, there is nothing like silk. While common man has spent years trying to copy silk with products like synthetic satin, nothing has ever come close to providing the health benefits of the real silk. Since 2004, slip’s founders have been working closely with the most reputable and long-standing silk suppliers in the world to bring you the best pillowcase money can buy. In this review I am featuring a limited edition sleep mask.

Limited Edition Sleep Mask – Peach- USD$45.00

Slip Silk allows your skin to glide, whereas cotton scratches and tugs on delicate facial skin, resulting in premature stretching and sleep-crease. Cotton also dries out your skin and hair. It even twists your hair at the root as you sleep, which causes bed head in the short term and can damage your hair in the long term. Synthetic satin is a poor petroleum based substitute for real silk.

Cotton grabs your hair and twists it at the root throughout the night, damaging hair and causing bed-head in the morning, whereas Slip Silk is so gentle on your hair, it allows your hairstyle or blow-dry to last overnight. Unlike cotton, which draws moisture from your face, hair and scalp, Slip Silk breathes and is a natural temperature regulator. Slip Silk is specially-commissioned and made to Slip’s exacting standards, developed and refined over ten years to provide the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness and durability. Slip uses the highest grade (6A) long-fibre mulberry silk, with a thickness of 22 momme and enforces the strictest quality guidelines, including non-toxic dyes.

-Use any time you don’t want to be interrupted.
-Use eight hours daily for maximum results.
-This product is machine washable (cool/warm, gentle cycle, care bag).

Minimizes sleep crease
Ever woken up with a ‘sleep-crease’ on your face? While the creases usually go away later the same day, they are an indication of the damage done to your face when sleeping on a cotton pillowcase.

Say goodbye to bed head
A secret that hairdressers and movie stars have known for decades, silk pillowcases are infinitely gentler on your hair than cotton. Cotton grabs your hair and twists it at the root throughout the night, damaging hair and causing bed-head in the morning, whereas silk is so gentle on your hair, it allows your hairstyle/blow-dry to last overnight, which is great news for people with hair extensions, curly hair, fragile hair and anyone wanting to maintain the integrity of their hair.

Gentle on your hair
Cotton draws moisture from your hair, drying it out and further contributing to bed-head. Unfortunately ‘bed-head’ is not only an inconvenience, but a symptom of something more serious. The same rough treatment that causes bed-head can also damage your hair follicles, leading to thinner, less healthy hair.

Hydrates your skin
Cotton is very absorbent. It can hold 24-27 times its own weight in water. This mean it actually draws moisture away from you skin, drying it out stealing your expensive face crème in the process!

When you sleep on silk, your delicate facial skin is more hydrate in the morning.
Don’t forget to pack your slip when travelling. Just one night back on cotton an you’ll really notice the difference in the morning.

Silk breathes!
It’s a natural temperature regulator, so it’s cooler in summer and doesn’t sweat like synthetic satin and other man-made imitations. Synthetic satin (e.G. Polyester) may feel nice and soft in your hand, but after an 8 hour sleep your hair and facial skin can really feel the difference.

Silk is natural
Slip is the perfect choice for people with allergies. Silk is naturallly dust mite resistant. It’s also hypoallergenic… At least it is when strict production standards are enforced, including the use of non-toxic dyes

Overall, This mask is natural, hypoallergenic, dust mite-resistant, and allows skin to breathe—unlike synthetic satin (polyester) which sweats, essentially negating the benefits. It does not contain toxic dyes and is recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, hairdressers, and beauty experts. This luxurious, pure, one-size-fits-all. Silk Sleepmask delivers anti-aging benefits as it doesn’t tug at delicate parts of the face. It’s made with the highest quality silk, so it feels extra thick and softer on the eyes. Made using a trade secret production method developed over 10 years, Slip silk provides the ultimate combination of shine, thickness, softness, and durability. I love this mask, stays on my face most nights and is incredibly soft. I travel a lot and I’ve noticed some of my eye creams have rubbed off on Sleep Masks which make them look dirty. But, this one is easy to clean. Machine washable (cool/warm, gentle cycle, care bag)..

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