Pocket Perfumes in India – Introducing Neesh Perfumes

Ouds and Attars have always fascinated me as a kid. During my childhood, I remember accompanying my grand dad to those attar shops where he test different fragrances and take home those small little glass bottle of smell (as how I called it as a kid). As a kid,  I used to think how each scent varies from one another and how do they make it etc. Attars are a basically a blend of different aromatics, typically infused in a rose oil or sandalwood oil base. Oud may be used as one of the ingredients in high-end attars. As for pure oud oil, then it is the actual fragrant ingredient itself, without having any other aromatic compounds added to it.

Originated from Presia/Arabia these scents have magical fragrance to it. Oudh is also known as agarwood, aloeswood and jinkoh, Oud is nature’s most exquisite fragrant offering. Attars, mukhallats, perfumes, colognes and other commercially sold fragrances are a combination of different ingredients. In this post I am introducing pocket perfumes from Neesh, Neesh is a perfume brand designed for both men and women. Neesh offers the most amazing smelling pocket perfumes for sale online in India. I have a bunch of pocket perfumes that are perfect to travel with and which easily fit in your jeans pocket.

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