Ouds and Attars have always fascinated me as a kid. During my childhood, I remember accompanying my grand dad to those attar shops where he test different fragrances and take home those small little glass bottle of smell (as how I called it as a kid). As a kid,  I used to think how each scent varies from one another and how do they make it etc. Attars are a basically a blend of different aromatics, typically infused in a rose oil or sandalwood oil base. Oud may be used as one of the ingredients in high-end attars. As for pure oud oil, then it is the actual fragrant ingredient itself, without having any other aromatic compounds added to it.

Originated from Presia/Arabia these scents have magical fragrance to it. Oudh is also known as agarwood, aloeswood and jinkoh, Oud is nature’s most exquisite fragrant offering. Attars, mukhallats, perfumes, colognes and other commercially sold fragrances are a combination of different ingredients. In this post I am introducing pocket perfumes from Neesh, Neesh is a perfume brand designed for both men and women. Neesh offers the most amazing smelling pocket perfumes for sale online in India. I have a bunch of pocket perfumes that are perfect to travel with and which easily fit in your jeans pocket.


Neesh offers a variety of fragrances for both men and women and can be easily purchased via different online and offline medium. I have never found another brand that retails such variety of Pocket Friendly Perfumes in India. Neesh fragrances are made of more than 50+ ingredients which are imported from different corners of the world. Each scent is unique and is perfect and unique. Different people have different likings for scents and there is a fragrance for everyone


What make Neesh unique is their formulation and packaging – Neesh offers exclusive attars that contain 10-20% of essential oils. The higher the proportion of oil in attar, the long lasting smell they have. This ensures that the fragrance lasts for a long period of time. Now, the mini pocket sized packaging is perfect to carry them on the go. It easily fits in your pocket and is of airline approved quantity. Another excellent factor is how affordable they are.

Take a look at the variety of perfumes from Neesh. Here’s a collection of women’s fragrancesNeeshPocketPerfume_012

They retail for 340 INR each.


Availability – Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Ebay, Neesh website


The packaging reminds me of ancient Arabic designs with names inspired by the Arabian culture. Neesh perfume comes in a matching outside cardboard packaging in different colours, and when you open the outer box, the pocket sized beautifully designed (rectangular with round edges design) perfume with the dispenser. it’s very small and lightweight (20 ml/0.6 fl.oz each). I have never seen any Indian company with a pocket sized fragrances so far.

Neesh Oudh E KhaasNeeshPocketPerfume_Review_004

Top Note – Sweet Wood with Indian Saffron

Middle Note – Agarwood, Patchouli

Base Note – Agarwood, Musk

My thoughts –   Neesh Oudh E Khaas is a scent I love to use on special occasions. I like to use this along with my traditional attire. It’s definitely not for everyday wear. It has a base note of musk & agarwood that transforms into a sweet note of wood and saffron in the top notes along with patchouli as a middle note. I wouldn’t say it’s very long lasting as it claims. It feels fresh and sweet upto 4-5 hours. The packaging is very attractive with the red label. Gives upto 450 sprays approx. If you are not into sweet fragrances- You can skip this.


Zaafran E HindustanNeeshPocketPerfume_Review_002

Top Note – Iran Saffron, Pink Rose

Middle Note – White Woods, Dark Rose

Base Note – Musk Amber

My thoughts –    Zaafran E Hindustan is of rose fragrance with a hint of musk. It’s one of my favorite fragrances from the ones I received. it lasted for a long time – 6-7 hours which I think is great for the price. 


Eau De MehfilNeeshPocketPerfume_Review_012

Top Note – Arabian Bakhoor

Middle Note –Black Rose, Patchouli

Base Note – Castoreum , Agarwood

My thoughts : Eau De Mehfil reminds me of my mehandi day. It’s so unique and s perfect for evenings/special occasions. I have had atleast 3 people asking me the fragrance I am wearing whenever I use this. This is another favorite fragrance of mine. I really don’t know whether I was able to sense the notes of this one. It’s something very unique and it makes me very happy. I don’t like fragrances that are overpowering. I love this one.


Rose E Mohabatt


Top Note – Honey-Suckle, Saffron

Middle Note –Rose, Lavender,Myrrh,Styrax

Base Note – Musk, Amber, Labdanum

My thoughts :  If you are not into strong/sweet fragrances and is looking for a soothing scent for every day use, This is for you. It definitely leaves you in peace and is the right combination for a balanced everyday scent. Everyone in my family love this one. The unique scent of Rose , Lavender and Musk is sure to win everyone’s heart. Another favorite pick from the lot.


Attar E NazakatNeeshPocketPerfume_Review_019

Top Note – Arabian Agarwood, Dry Honey

Middle Note – Castoreum, Patchouli

Base Note – Dry Amber, Musk

My thoughts :   Attar E Nazakat is not something of my taste. It’s strong for my liking. I think the fragrance is very manly and would not suit women. I don’t really know why this is packed in Women’s fragrances collection. I get a strong musk fragrance.


Oud De Venice


Top Note – Citrusy, Cardamom, Cinnamon

Middle Note – Rose, Saffron, Myrrh

Base Note – Musk, Amber, Patchouli

My thoughts :  Oud De Venice is the most aromatic fragrance from the lot. floral, spicy with a strong amber scent is great. Perfect for evenings. The fragrance is not very sweet, not too strong. Perfectly balanced fragrance that uplifts your mood. I love the packaging label color too.



Attar E Neesh


Top Note – Indian Rose, Iran Saffron

Middle Note – Indian Shamama, Patchouli

Base Note – Blackwood, Amber

My thoughts:  Attar E Neesh is a unisex fragrance specially suited for men. Again, I don’t really know why this has been included in the W Collection. Too strong for my liking.


Attar E Ishq


Top Note – Nutmeg, Cedarwood, Bakhoor

Middle Note – Agarwood, Amber

Base Note – Powdery Musk, Vanila

My thoughts :   Attar E Ishq is again another favorite fragrance of mine. Soothing fragrance of vanilla and nutmeg along with  musk. It’s perfectly balanced to give you that distinct smell. A must try scent from the brand.




Top Note – Indian Saffron, Tea Rose

Middle Note – Castoreum

Base Note – Agarwood, Amber

My thoughts :  Sultana is a floral fragrance and it has a sweet fragrance that lasts for long time. The warm fragrance of Amber and Tea Rose is very exotic.


Moha Beau TNeeshPocketPerfume_Review3

Top Note – French Rose From the South of France (Grass)

Middle Note – Saffron

Base Note – Musk, Patchouli and leather, Agarwood (Oud)

My thoughts : Moha Beau T along with Amour De Oudh are my top most fragrances that I reach to every single day. Absolute favorite of mine. If you are looking to buy an everyday fragrance, Go for this. The fascinating smell of french rose leaves you smelling good all day long. This is the only perfume that found a permanent  place in my everyday essentials pouch.


Amour De OudhNeeshPocketPerfume__Review_006

Top Note – French Rose, White lily, Mimosa

Middle Note – Honey Rose, Gardenia, White Jasmine

Base Note – Musk, White Amber

My thoughts :  Amour De Oudh is an enhanced version of Moha Beau T. The musk, amber notes along with french rose make it a perfect sweet feminine scent. Musk and floral notes in the right proportion,  This is romantic & refreshing. One of those statement fragrances from the brand


Bette D OudNeeshPocketPerfume_Review89

Top Note – Honey, Berry, Iran Saffron

Middle Note – Indian Rose, Exotic Prune

Base Note – Musk, Gark Amber

My thoughts :  Bette D Oud is the perfect proportion of musk and dark amber with the honey and berries, floral + fruity fragrance.  Belle d Oud by Neesh is unique on its own. My fourth favorite fragrance from the lot.



Overall, Neesh Perfumes are affordable, comes in a variety of fragrances to suit different personalities & occasions. The design is very unique. Pikpack design is very travel friendly, easily fit in your pocket. The fragrances lasts for a long time and they are awesome for the price tag they come in. These are perfect for gifting. My favorites are Moha Beau T, Amour De Oudh, Attar E Ishq, Zaafran E Hindustan & Bette D Oud

You can buy this whole W Collection for women here

Have you tried any of the Neesh Pocket Perfumes. What do you think of them ?

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