best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

Along with a good shampoo and conditioner that suit your hair type, a good hair oil is vital in completing your hair care routine Different hair oils are for different purposes- to moisturize scalp and hair, to prevent hair fall, to fight dandruff, to promote hair growth, reduce itchiness of scalp, impart shine and make hair bouncy  etc.

Why is it important to use a hair oil

– Improves circulation to the scalp and acts a natural cleanser
– Helps sooth dry, itchy scalp and clears it of minuscule dermatitis issues
– Fights scalp infection and dandruff, improves overall scalp health
– Encourages hair growth and strengthens hair follicles for thicker hair strands
– Helps regain lost shine and hair texture

In this post I am listing the best oils for hair growth & reduce hairfall in India. All of these oils are tried and tested by me. These are not listed in any particular order. All of these are easily available online in India and available for shipping abroad.

1. Forest Essentials Bhring Raj Hair Oil – INR 1195

best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

Forest Essentials Bhringraj Head Massage Oil contains Organic Black Sesame & Virgin Coconut oils which have been used since ancient times.  Nourishing properties of these oils with essential vitamins and fatty acids are easily absorbed into the skin and make the head deeply relaxed and also help balance the body’s energy flow. Herbs including Bhringaraj, Mulethi, Brahmi, Henna, Anantmool, Lodhra help to improve hair growth, quality and colour. This Bhringraj hot oil treatment is very effective for hair loss and scalp problems as it aids the growth of healthy hair.

2. Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil – INR 495best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

Kama Ayurveda Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil is a 100% Organic and Cold Pressed oil that can be used to condition the skin and hair. It can be applied directly to the skin or hair before washing. Coconut oil makes a very effective conditioning treatment for hair. It gives that lustre to hair and helps get rid of scalp itchiness. It provides the nourishment that your hair needs. Regular use promotes hair growth and make your hair bouncy.

3. MABH Fast Growth Hair Oil – INR 400

best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

I was introduced to MABH hair oil by my blogger friend Lancy. I was super impressed by the fact that MABH oil was made using all natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any preservatives/parabens/any other harsh chemicals and most importantly, It was made using 18 essential herbs and is made by Lancy’s mom. I got excited and decided to use it. MABHhair oil is completely natural and preservative free; I think it’s made of the Curryleaves,Tulsi,Amla,Virgin Coconut Oil, Neem, Bhringraj, Henna, Castor Oil, Hibiscus, Mustard, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, fenugreek and some more unknown secret ingredients. This oil is handmade by Lancy’s mom and it’s one of the best oils ever!

4. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment  -INR 515

best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

Along with your hair oil- If you looking for an oil that gives a cooling effect for your scalp – Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Treatment is the best. It prevent hair loss, dandruff and premature graying. It is also a natural conditioner for lush hair growth. In addition, it cools the head. Intensive Hair Treatment, the secret of Indians’ lush, glossy hair, is a blend of herbs processed in pure sesame oil and milk. The herbal formula includes indigo (neeli), Eclipta Alba and gooseberry to promote hair growth; liquorices which acts as an anti-fungal agent; and balloon vine which prevents scalp infection.

5. Aloe Veda Distil Cold Pressed Hexane Free Castor Oil – INR 225best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

Aloe Veda Distil Cold Pressed Castor Oil is excellent for reducing itchiness on your scalp and the roots of your hair will regenerate new hair growth and also thicken thinning hair within months. it’s one of the best oils to promote hair growth.

6. Cantharidine Hair Oil – INR 43

best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

Cantharidine Hair Oil is a golden colored oil for preservation and growth of hair. It helps reduce hair fall. Helps in re-growing the hair, Makes hair stronger from inside, Helps in premature greying etc, Helps in preventing dandruff and dry scalp, Helps to avoid thinning of hair. it’s a non sticky oil. it has a light fragrance. Main Ingredients include Sandalwood

7. Dabur Vatika Olive Enriched Hair Oil  -INR 120best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

Dabur Vatika Olive Hair Oil is an excellent hair oil for your hair. It contains Virgin Olive Oil and nourishing extracts of Almonds, Cactus, and Lemon Complete natural nourishment for problem-free, beautiful hair Almond coats, conditions, and softens your hair. Cactus – Gives your hair volume and health. Lemon – Regulates sebum flow and helps keep dandruff away.

8. Dhathri Hair Care Herbal Oil – INR 275best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

Dhathri Hair care Herbal oil trims down the root cause of hair problems leading to hair fall, stimulates and promotes new thicker hair growth and gives a healthy, long unbreakable hair. The Ayurvedic hair oil helps to keep hair from losing nutrients, which is one of the major problems for hair breakage and hair loss.

9. Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil Selfie Bottle – INR 432

best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil Selfie Bottle is itself an applicator comb attachment that allows 100 percent medicament on to your scalp and distribute all over the head. Oiling is made super easy by the innovative packaging. A gentle squeezeand combing is enough to spread the Indulekha bringha oil on to all over the scalp. Indulekha Bringha Hair Oil uses the ancient secret formulas of Ayurveda for long and lustrous hair. With regular application you are sure to notice growth of new hair. The herbs used in this hair oil stimulates the hair follicles and helps in the growth of new and healthy hair. It not just facilitates and accelerates hair growth but also makes your hair healthier, thicker and shiner. For best results, massage your scalp gently after applying this oil and leave on for at least an hour before washing off with a mild shampoo.

10. Juicy Chemistry Lavender & Sage Hair Oil – INR 600

best Hair Oils For Faster Hair Growth

Formulated with carefully selected ingredients that penetrate deep in to the hair and scalp , our hair oil is fortified with seven essential oils and 5 carrier oils that feed nourishment directly to the roots of your hair and scalp.

Hope you all liked our list of top hair oils.

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