Hi makeupholics….I think today its going to be a haul day post day for me….
Got so many stuffs to share with you guys…Nowadays I am most busy doing all the work, So I was not getting enough time to take pictures of the newbies i nmy collection…Today I managed somehow to do a post in all the newest products that I bought….
This haul which I am going to share with you now have been purchased last week from a  Body Shop outlet in Birmingham
I really liked the offer where a bundle pack worth 44 GBP was sold at a special price of 20 GBP, There was a shimmer cube palette, one eye brush, one big mascara, one liquid liner
Quite a big deal…:) I also bought a warming mineral mask as well as a facial brush with lid…:) I am using a lot of face mask these days…need to pamper myself by giving these special treats…U know..I was soo lazy in doing all these…
U, bloggers have blogged blogged about different DIY and different skincare products and made me understand that giving special treat to skin is as important as eating fud  to maintain healthy..:))
Enjoy the haul pictures:))


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