Hi to all my sweeties  out there….I am writing this lil post to let you know that  I’ll be taking a break from Blogging….I am going back to my home town and We don’t really know to which project is my husband gonna sign in next to :)….Depending on his project, We will have to shift to a new place…it can be in India or somewhere else….So I am taking a break from all the blogging stuffs for a short time….Once I reach home and get settled…I will start reviewing products :)))

We are planning for a small trip too 🙂 will post more details about that also….So kindly bear with me….Giveaway will continue like this and  I Will choose 2 Indian Residents as winners(Who satisfy all the requirements of the giveaway)
Any double entries would be counted as Invalid… I have the IP of all who have entered comments in my giveaway page..:).. I see a lot of fake profiles too 🙂 Some of the people even raised a question on whether I am giving away the product which  I used…Strictly no..I have bought 2 each and I have kept one full set for my personal use…. 🙂 
When  I post the winners, I will take photographs of the package along with my own palette and brush set:) Can’t do it right now..as I have already packed them securely inside my suitcase…I am really stucked up with the baggage packing and my baggage have already crossed limit and so, I will be sending some items through DHL ….Once I reach India..I have also planned for a blog sale of the few items which  are of no use to me…
as its of a wrong shade….
All the best to all participants of the giveaway!!!…..
There is a surprise gift for a random person too :)I won’t disclose the surprise gift now…. 🙂 I will choose a person randomly and give a special gift….:) 

Also more giveaways are coming up…….
You can also write guest posts for my blog and you can send your posts with the heading “Guest Post” to renjianooj@makeupholicworld.com

I will be leaving UK by the middle of July and I can’t do any product reviews till I reach India, as I have packed all of my makeup stuffs 🙂 🙂 🙂

If you have any tips on what all things I should carry in my handbag, You can comment it below…It would be of great help to me..I will also do a post on how I packed all my stuffs….I will do that within a week…:)

Enjoy Guys….
I will talk to you guys soon…