A List of Beauty Products that you don’t need at all….

Hi makeupholics….Hope you all are doing great…
I was really busy with the packing stuffs…We will soon go back to India…and I have a lot of products to pack up…hmm..more than what the airline insists…Actually, I am planning to send some of them through DHL…hmmm
Lets…see…Today I am going to talk about a different topic…I have seen many beauty bloggers including me talking about Favourite beauty Buys…
Favourite Skin Care…Things you need everyday..and the list goes on…
Have anyone wondered about “Do we actually use all the products that we buy?”
I am sure this question will make you nuts…hmmm..Well, I surely say, my answer would be NO…..
Have you ever looked at your collection and thought about whether you own any products which you don’t need in life? The cosmetics industry would like for us to believe that we need every new product they come out with, but we really don’t! There are tons and tons of products on the market that’s nothing more than fluff so check out this list of unnecessary beauty products you actually don’t need so you can save your money and spend it on products you love!
I always crawl inside the Cosmetic shop like a child and pick up each product seeing the cuteness…Anything which is attractive attracts me…hehehe..sounds funny..hun…its a fact…So, I thought to share this post to make you aware of certain products which you don’t need actually….
I am sure this post is definitely gonna help some of your pockets from emptying…:)


8 Unnecessary Beauty Products You Actually Don't Need ...


Face masks are one thing, but foot masks are a totally unnecessary beauty product! Sure, we love for our feet to be smooth and soft but they don’t require a mask. If you take a pumice to your feet to slough off dead skin and moisturize on the regular, your feet should be in great shape. No need for a foot mask here, save your money for a nice relaxing pedicure instead!


Our lips are an important part of our  appearance and as much as we love to highlight our dazzling smiles, a lip exfoliator is definitely one of the beauty products you don’t need. If you want to exfoliate your lips, try gently rubbing your lips with a towel or give them a gentle brushing with a baby toothbrush instead of investing in a pricey beauty product you think you need, but don’t.


Beauty experts might disagree about this item being on the list of useless beauty products and although it’s debatable, it’s definitely not a must-have beauty product. Toner was meant to pick up traces of leftover makeup or oil but most cleansers do an adequate job of doing those things anyway, so it’s actually unnecessary. You don’t need a toner if you use a hot cloth cleanser..


Any cream marketed for a specific area like the neck  is totally a beauty product you can do without! The moisturizer that you use for your face is more than adequate for your neck so there is absolutely no need to get a separate product for each area!


Anti-aging products for our hair seem like a great invention to help us keep our hair looking healthy, but they’re actually part of the list of beauty products you don’t need. Hair products can moisturize and bring dry hair back to bouncy and beautiful, but there really isn’t much it can do to prevent your hair from aging. Hair growth starts at the follicle and hair on the hair shaft is considered dead so any product applied to your hair shaft can’t do much to prevent aging!
Is there any other thing which you think is useless????Share in the comments below….

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