Hi beauties:) I thought to click some snaps on my entire Lip Balm Collection:)
Have a look at them and tell me which is your most favourite one:)
Enjoy the pictures sweeties:)

I have a bunch of MUA Love Heart Lip Balms
ELF Moisturising Tinted Lip Balms
EOS Lip Balms
Loreal Lip Balm
Sleek Lip balm
Nivea, Burt Bees, Lips, The Body Shop, NYX Tinted Lip balm, Primark Lip Balms, etc:)
These are the bunch of products whilch I love love love….:))I use them every single day…I kind of mix and match and use it 🙂

Which is your favourite Lip Balm at the moment….Mine is Body Shop Lip Balm :))
Do Share your comments and feedbacks about my small collection….I love hearing them all :))
Tc sweethearts:))