Just Herbs Fairever milky white Protein Fairness Pack

Hi dearies….How is your weekend going on? Mine was too busy…Me and hubby went for master health checkups @ Apollo and was super super busy!!! 
Now its time to chill after long long hours of tests….Today I am going to review a face pack from Just herbs…To know more about the brand, click here
To whether I liked this or not….Keep Reading…………
Just Herbs Fairever milky white Protein Fairness Pack

What does the company claim about Just Herbs Fairever milky white Protein Fairness Pack
Plant infused mineral clays to remove impurities from the deepest layers of the skin and  improve skin texture
Key ingredients 
Cucumber, Liquorice, Honey, Milk, mineral clays
Packaging and Price
Comes in a tub with a golden screw cap…I love the packaging…It looks so classic. Its convenient to carry around and I prefer this kind of packaging for clay based face packs as one doesn’t have to spend energy in squeezing the product…

Qty:50 g; Regular Price: 295 INR; I bought mine for 274 INR from UrbanTouch here

Milk proteins and honey reinforced with mulethi (liquorice) and cucumber, provide a wholesome nourishment  and the much needed moisture due to their ability to control and soothe inflammations and redness characteristics of   sensitive skins. The detoxifying action of mineral clays help purge impurities from deep down and  improves skin texture. It revitalizes, hydrates and calms the sun exposed and even the most sensitive and irritated skin, giving  it a refreshingly soothed , silky smooth and a fairer look.

How to Use

Apply mask on cleansed face and neck and leave it to dry off for ten minutes. Wash it off with cold water. Excessively dry skin can be benefited by thinning the readymade paste with raw milk/ milk cream/ honey
Recommended for
Suitable for all skin type.

Swatches and My take on the Product
I love face masks, packs etc a lot and I never spare a chance to pamper myself by some special treats:)
This pack is suitable for all skin types…Its easy to apply, and it has a thick paste consistency…applies smoothly and it never irritated my super super sensitive skin….As its a clay based pack, it really helped me in removing the “extra oil”effect from my face…it tightened my pores and didn’t give any burning sensation on application….
For dry skinned beauties, i think U need to immediately put moisturizer once you remove the pack…Excessively dry skin can be benefited by thinning the readymade paste with raw milk/ milk cream/ honey…I felt the skin to be  smoother after each usage:) About the fairness claim, I totally disagree with that, it wont change you into milky white….ehhehehe:)

here is a swatch 🙂 Overall I can say that this is a face pack worth a try….

Have you tried Just Herbs Fairever milky white Protein Fairness Pack..If yes, Do you like it….If no, Which is the best clay based face pack which you have tried….

Happy Saturday!!!

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