Hi dearies…If you are a regular reader of my blog, You might know my love for cute lil lip balms, I love collecting them and never can’t have enough of them…
Here’s a review on my newest obsession, A lovely lil balm that came with one of the Velvette box. 
Figs & Rouge Aloe and Mint Lip, Face, hand & Body Balm 

What does Figg & Rouge Aloevera & Mint Balm

Certified organic lip, face, hand and body balm.
Soothing and protecting, Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Aloe & Mint Balm is fantastic for dry, sore and irritated lips or skin. It’s intense and delicious!

Figs & Rouge 100% Organic Aloe & Mint Balm is an excellent travel balm – keep it in your handbag for all moisture needs. 

A favourite of Emma Watsons:
“I am obsessed with organic skincare and was overjoyed to see how beautifully packaged Figs & Rouge products are.”

Petroleum free. Soil Association Accredited.


Packaging & Price
Comes in a cute lil round tub as shown. Price: 695 INR; Qty: 17 ml

My thoughts about Figs & Rouge Aloe and Mint Lip, Face, hand & Body Balm

This balm has a very attractive packaging.looks so vintage kind of..Its consistency is like ghee…It comes in a round tin with a simple lid; 
I really love the minty feel this gives, I love to apply on my elbows than my lips and face. My elbows were dry and flaky due to the crazy climate and this balm helped in moisturising. While using on lips, It soothes the chapped lips and remove dryness. 
Figgs & Rouge Lip Balms are 100 % natural and organic. 
This really helps in removing dry patches from skin. I am really impressed by this and I will repurchase if its available in Vellvette after finishing this tin…


  • moisturising and hydrating
  • minty, fresh smell
  • soothes chapped lips
  • good to be used on lips, face, hand body etc
  • attractive packaging…
  • 100 % organic and natural
  • creamy texture similar to ghee
  • petroleum free
  • not easily available
Overall, I really liked it… Its a wonderful multi-use product with a minty feel.

Have you tried Figs and Rouge Aloevera and Mint lip, face, hand and body Balm? If yes, Do you like it