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Today Its going to be a tag post !!! yay! I’m so excited!!! Deeptima of Beauty Unleashed with Deeptima have tagged me for doing this favourite post…I’m so glad she did…: yay : happy dance Do check out her blog!! She has a lovely blog I must say….Moving onto the Tag post…If you are wondering, what a tag post is or What is this tag all about, Do check out the original post in deeptima’s blog here
Its basically blogging about my current favourite Lip Products…As I am more of a lipstick person, I have included only my current favourite lipsticks in this post!! Hope you all’ll like my choice..Do share on the comments section about your favourite lip products  too!!! So, Let’s move on to the post!! :happy dance
Favourites Tag : My Top 5 Favourite Lip Products

 Here’s a snap of all my currently loving lippies..

 As you can see from the snap above….

  1. Revlon – Raspberry Pie
  2. beauty UK – Passion
  3. Avon – Darling Mauve (Dupe of MAC Daddy’s Little Girl)
  4. NYX-  Hope
  5. Revlon – Honey Douce
Enjoy the swatches!!!

A lil description about each lippie 🙂
Revlon – Raspberry Pie

This is how the shade looks on me!! Raspberry Pie is a deep pinkish berry color which looks absolutely stunning! Read my full review here
Beauty UK – Passion
Its a pink shade with red tones to it..Read my full review here

Avon – Darling Mauve (Dupe of MAC Daddy’s Little Girl)

Often called as dupe of MAC Daddy’s Little Girl.
This is a gorgeous wearable shade!! Its very soft on the lips. stays on for 4 hours approx…This is a shade which suits most of the skin tones!! A must try from the brand!!

NYX-  Hope

Here is my lip swatch above wearing Hope and clear gloss on top!! such a gorgeous shade..Isn’t it….

Revlon – Honey Douce
Here is a snap of me wearing my all time favourite Honey Douce!! Its a shade which is almost natural, differs from people to people!! My way to go shade!!!
Read my full review here

Hope you all liked my favourites!!

I am tagging some of my all time favourite bloggers to do this favourite lip products tag!!!

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Enjoy the Tag!!! I would love to see all of yours favourites too!!!