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The Promise – Nikita Singh

 A lil about the Book
Some promises are worth keeping…

She smiles wide, and under it, hides pain she barely manages to endure. Her happiness brightens up the room, while inside, her heart drowns little by little.

Elusive, charismatic and incredibly rich, money is the one obsession he loves and hates in equal measure. He runs away from his past and the grief it brings with it.

She is capable of breaking down all his barriers, making his heart implore to give love and trust a second chance. Caught in the waves of alien emotions, a promise is made a promise to be together, to make their love last.

But when disaster hits, does their love prove strong enough to withstand the brutal force of reality?

Or does the promise lay forgotten, as they struggle to regain balance of their lives?

About the Author:

  • Nikita Singh an avid blogger and writer, is the author of three bestselling novels Love Facebook, Accidentally In Love and If It’s Not Forever (co-authored with Durjoy Datta). She has also contributed in the books of The Backbenchers series.
  • With a library stocked with over twelve thousand books, she is a voracious reader and loves her collection of fantasy novels. She graduated in pharmacy and works as an editor at a leading publishing house.

My Review about “The Promise”
Wow…I was totally bloomed down by the author’s tremendous way of writing.I couldn’t really get my eyes off reading this awesome novel.
Of Course, Nikita Singh did a wonderful job of  keeping me hooked onto the book until the very end.Her way of writing, right choice and presentation of characters, mature writing, attention to detail  and she has pulled off a good one in terms of her narrative skills. Enjoyed the quotes at the start of chapters. I almost finished reading this novel within 2-3 hours….

The promise is a story of two opposite people who accidentally meetup by fate and fall in love, then breakup due to misunderstandings that cannot be glued that easily. 
Shambahavi is a 23 year old,young carefree, bubbly interior designer who takes life as and when it comes .While Arjun is a 29 year old very strict ,emotionless and arrogant and selfish businessman whom any girl never wishes to have for in their life.What if these two meet up and hit it off so badly filled madly in love and break off for some ruthless reason?That is what happens in this particular story.

A decent love story with all kinds of emotions and feelings which truly touched my heart. the best part of the book is the feelings of both characters i.e shambhavi and arjun has been explained well and based on reality…and its more talks about love than intimation between a couple as provided in other romantic novel. 

The novel starts off at a snail pace but when it moves further and further. Nikita did an awesome job to  show the emotional outcome of the person clearly, that is we can feel the pain in them. What I don’t like is their is too much details about unwanted things, (regarding official details of  how they which least bother us!) 

 In the course of time, she becomes pregnant. Thinking that she has set a trap for him, he abandons her. What happened to the child in her womb? Will they reunite? Will they keep the promise? Read the story. Very good description and nice narration. Its like watching a movie…. A Perfect Love Story ! Overall, there is nothing to dislike in the story. If you are a love Story Lover then You have to Read this book because it ends with Love fiction.

Where to buy
Flipkart         INR 80
Amazon India INR 72
Infibeam       INR 77

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Neha · February 18, 2014 at 4:01 pm

I am in love with the characters. everything seems so real as if it is happening in front of us. From the description of deep love to deep pain everything is so touching that i even dropped a few tear drops while reading this.

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