Hi lovely ladies out there….Today I am going to review Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers……….
The Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers (or Rimmel Apocalips in the UK) were a huge hit.They’re highly pigmented, opaque, smooth, creamy lip glosses; They’re moisturizing, comfortable to wear, glossy, and very easy to apply due to the altered doe-foot applicator. 

 I am going to review the shades Appocalyptic, Stellar, Nova & Celestial

Packaging & Price
Comes in a black tube packaging with a doe foot applicator. the design of the tube is interesting, A good cut design….
Price: 475 INR ; Qty: 5.5ml

From Left-Right : Nova, Appocalyptic,Celestial,Stellar

From Left-Right : Nova, Appocalyptic,Celestial,Stellar

 All swatches below are single swipes.

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer ; Shade: Appocalyptic
Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer ; Shade: Celestial

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer ; Shade: Nova

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer ; Shade: Stellar

My experience about Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquers
These are highly pigmented, creamy lip glosses, which are smooth, creamy, that are highly transfer prone and don’t last very long. They may look good on initial application but need constant maintenance throughout the day. It’s not something I would wear on busy days but they do photograph beautifully.These might look good and nice but I hate having to constantly check the mirror to see if it’s smeared all over my face or teeth. The Rimmel Show Offs are extremely prone to transferring so they’ll last moderately long on the lips if you don’t talk much and avoid eating. Lasts upto 4 hours on my lips. The lip color tends to pool around the edges of the lips when talking and can feather out if you’re not careful. 
One other thing about this is its smell…I hate (read 10 times hate**)the strong smell of this.

  • highly pigmented
  • easy to apply
  • smooth and creamy
  • easily transferable
  • poor staying power
  • easily transfers to other areas while eating
  • bleeds and stains teeth, cups etc
  • extremely strong smell
However, I am not a big fan of these. especially for the smell, I hate this!
Out of the shades I own, my favorite is Appocalyptic & Stellar.

Have you tried any of the shades from Rimmel Show off Lip Lacquers…Which is your favorite?