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Makeup trends change with every season. It can be difficult to stay up-to-date on the latest trends. The general rule is, when in doubt use a subtle approach with earth tones. Earth tones are always in style. Makeup artists are known for creating trends and setting a tone for the year to come in makeup looks. Many of these looks can be achieved at home with a bit of practice. It doesn’t take much to put on makeup that will make a statement.

Smoky Eyes
Creating a smoky eye that helps make the eyes pop requires a few steps. There are shadow kits, such as those available by Dior, that have all of the colors necessary to create the look. You will start with a light, almost skin-matching tone to brush the lid. Follow this with lining the crease with the darkest color. Follow this up by sweeping the mid-tone from 1/3 of the way from the interior corner of the eye to the end and finish it with a quick sweep over the last ¼ of the exterior eyelid with the darkest color. Use a brush to blend the shades together.
The Natural Look
Looking natural makes a statement because it makes a woman look timeless. Less is more sometimes. When you want to achieve a natural look, use a foundation that naturally blends in with your skin tone. Then use a shade of blush that is only one or two shades pinker than your skin. Next, you will want to use a light mascara just to play up the eyes a little bit along with a skin-tone or tan-tone eye shadow. To complete the natural look, use just a clear gloss lipstick or lip gloss product.

Bright Lips
Bright lips are a spring trend that has been seen over the last few years. With this overall look, the natural makeup look is the goal where the face is concerned. The pop of color comes from bright red, pink and lavender lipstick shades. Bold lips make a statement and it is a trend that it not anticipated to fizzle out anytime soon. It is best to match the bright lipstick shade as best as you can with your natural skin tone. Those with darker complexions can get away with a lavender shade much easier than someone with fair skin. Those that have fair skin tones should use bright reds or oranges. Medium and olive skin toned women should consider using a bright pink or shimmery type of lipstick to achieve the bright lips effect.
Bold Eyes
Bold eye makeup makes a statement in the color choice. Whether it is dark, bright or a custom design the idea is to make the eyes appear to be more open and alive. An example of this would be someone with a dark brown eye using a bright turquoise eye shadow with a shimmer or glitter over it. White, lime green or even yellow can be added to corners and creases to create a more dramatic effect. Those with green or hazel eyes will want to focus on purples. Blue eyed women should focus on greens and grays to play up their eyes to have a bold look.
Lush Lashes
Eye lashes are gaining more attention with the varying types of mascara that are now available. There are some that elongate lashes over a period of time and others that thicken lashes quickly. Plump, long lashes are considered to be attractive. The longer the eyelashes are, the deeper the eyes seem to look. By deeper, this means that a person can stare into a woman’s eyes and easily get lost in the sparkle, depth and color. Long, full lashes also open up the eyes to make them appear more awake, alive and healthy.
A few techniques can be used to achieve lush lashes. Consider using a lash primer. This helps to condition the lashes to prevent them from shedding away from the eyes. Once a primer is applied, use mascara that plumps and lengthens the lashes. To obtain a dramatic look, use an eyelash brush to separate lashes. To create a faux eyelash look, use a brush that will group a few lashes together to make spike-like groups to add drama to the overall makeup look.
There are so many ways to apply makeup so that it makes a statement. It is quite easy to overdo it and end up with a negative result. Base tones are where the look begins. It is best to try to achieve a flawless skin look with subtle attention paid to the cheek bones, nose, forehead and chin. Most of the attention should be drawn to the eyes and lips. This can be done by applying a bold eye shadow, lipstick or mascara that makes eyelashes emulate faux lashes.

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