Hello beautiful butterflies….Today I am reviewing a handmade soap from Nyassa. This is a much requested review from you all…
We all love handmade soaps…ain’t we?
Nyassa Temple Mogra Hand Made Soap

What does Nyassa claim about their Temple Mogra Hand Made Soap
Rice Bran Oil – A natural emollient, rice bran oil softents and soothes your skin. It is also a valuable source of Vitamin E, an essentail skin Nourisher. 
Shea Butter – Very good natural moisturizer and natural sun protectant, shea butter is high in vitamin A and Vitamin E that good to your skin.  


 Qty: 150 g; Price: 250 INR

 You can get it from here

My thoughts about Nyassa Temple Mogra Hand Made Soap

 I love handmade products…Recently, Nyassa’ve send me this product to review…
This soap lathers well and leaves your body soft… I love the floral fragrance…Its amazing!
 I’m using this soap every morning for body wash and my body loves it! It doesn’t make my skin stretchy or dry…Rather  I feel it nourishes and softens my body….Best thing about it is it has shea butter! If you love floral fragrance and if you are looking out to try handmade soaps that doesn’t dry or make your skin patchy….then, this is perfect for you!


  • floral fragrance
  • lathers well and leaves skin smooth
  • no stretchy/dry feel after usage
  • softens body
  • contains shea butter that is a natural skin moisturiser
  • 250 INR might be a con for some people…
The brand does have sampler soap packs if you wanna try them. Visit their website here


Note: Product Send by PR/Brand for consideration/ review purpose…My review remains honest as always….Please refer to my PR/Disclosure Policy..