I know this is a very delayed post…However, Its better late than never….This box was $23 plus $6.99 Shipping . Lets move on to unboxing – Yogurt Box


What Memebox  claim about Yogurt Box

Yogurt is a yummy and wholesome snack, but when applied topically, you’ll see that this creamy wonder food  also has a multitude of beauty benefits!

Yogurt used as part of a beauty regimen dates back to ancient Egypt, when Cleopatra used it as a part of her daily beauty routine to maintain her youth. It contains lactic acid to dissolve dead skin cells that accumulate into the pores! Also, proteins, calcium, and vitamins prevent premature aging, brighten skin, and give the skin a naturally youthful glow!

Unlock this ancient beauty secret for your best self ever!

What all I recieved

-Pure Smile Yogurt Mask Mixed Fruits (2 masks), value $5
-Happy Bath Facial Yogurt Cleansing Foam (120 ml), value $6
-Purederm Skin Softening Yogurt Mask Strawberry (150 ml), value $12
-ettang Modeling Take-out Cup Back Yogurt (17 g), value $3
-Holika Holika I Want Chu Lip Balm 01 Strawberry Smoothie (2 balms), value $11
-Rappol Rappol Calming Cream (150 g), value $59

Overall, $106












The value of this box is high but over half of the value comes from a single product, Rappol Rappol Calming Cream (150 g), value $59. Most of the items are not like “We Are Made From Yogurt!” at first glance. I am looking forward to use all these products.

November  Memebox Coupon Codes

November Coupons
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There are some Exciting boxes which are coming up on Memebox if you are planning to purchase some of them. I will paste the links down below.
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