Having flawless and glowing skin is what we dream of? But if a pretty face has dark circles. Isn’t it so disappointing?

Even if you have flawless skin but having no dark circles is an impossible kinda thing. Busy and hectic lifestyle brings dark circles that every skin human being suffers.

If you use a right product for proper hydration and nourishment then you can get rid of dark circles. Under eye skin has the most sensitive skin as compared to other parts of the face. That’s why it shows puffiness and darkness under the eye very fast. Being a very sensitive under eye area means you should have proper hydration and care to avoid dark circles. In this post, I am gonna tell you the best under eye products in India and much more.

What are the reasons for dark circles?

While there are many reasons for the darkening of under eye area, yet the most common reasons are given below:

  • Lack of proper sleep is the most common reason for dark circles. A person should sleep 7 hours.
  • Pollution and stressful lifestyle deteriorates under eye area skin and showing blood vessels more clearly and this promotes the dark circles.
  • Excess melanin production in the under eye area results in hyper pigmentation then causes dark circles.

Now, here are the best under eye cream to tackle these problems:

Dr. Sheth’s date and quinoa eye cream

Dr. Sheth’s eye cream rejuvenates the skin and reduces dark spots. This is paraben & chemical free and vegan product. This is formulated with dates, quinoa seeds, hyaluronic acid and almond oil that highly moisturizes the skin and reduces appearances of dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes. These key ingredients strengthen the sensitive area of skin and diffuse blood vessels.

Himalaya herbals under eye cream

Himalaya under eye cream hydrates under eye area and suits all skin types. It can be easily absorbed and has a non-greasy lightweight formula. It is natural and cruelty free. This under eye cream has a non-comedogenic and nonallergic formula. Also, it smoothes wrinkles and fine lines and protects the under eye area from harmful sun rays.

Bella Vita Organics under eye gel

Bella Vita is an emerging eye cream and proves to be very effective. This cream hydrates the skin and reduces the puffiness, wrinkles, aging signs and dark circles. This is chemical free and safe to use for all skin types. It contains a lightweight formula and absorbs very fast to hydrate and nourish the skin. You can easily use it under makeup as it is non-greasy and lightweight.

e’clat Eye Serum

E’clat superior I + Eye Serum is one of my personal favorite. It has some amazing ingredients that helps tackle fineliness, dark circles and under eye dryness etc. Caffiene 5%, Eyeseryl 1% With Retinol, Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, Carrot Seed Extract, Soyabeen Extract, Red Ginger, Ferulic Acid and Hyaluronic Acid. Caffeine helps protect cells against the UV radiation and slows down the process of photoaging of the skin. Also help to reduce puffiness, dark circles

  • e’clat I+ Fast absorbing eye serum for lightening dark circles, reducing puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles and promoting clearer, smoother under eye skin.
  • Caffeine has potent antioxidant properties.
  • EYESERYL peptide solution B contains a tetrapeptide with anti-oedema properties with a proven efficacy in reducing puffy eyebags
  • Red Ginseng reduces puffiness, brightens undereye circles, prevents wrinkles, may benefit acne, and boosts blood flow for a natural glow.
  • Toxin free product. Absolutely safe for the delicate and sensitive under eye area.

Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

Reduces appearance of eye contour pigmentation and of puffiness. This light-textured formula contains an extremely high 5% concentration of caffeine, supplemented with highly-purified Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (EGCG) from green tea leaves. Independent studies have shown that topical use of each of caffeine and EGCG can help reduce looks of puffiness and of dark circles in the eye contour.

Forest essential intensive eye cream

Forest essential eye cream with anise is generally made for delicate skin of the eye to rejuvenate it. Papaya and potato starch helps to hydrate the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It also makes the under eye area brighter and clearer. Free from all harmful chemicals and has eco-friendly packaging.

Moms co. Natural vita rich under eye cream

Moms co. Under eye cream is formulated with beneficial ingredients such as Vitamin B3 and E, chia seed oil and coffee oil. This formulation fights dark circles and puffiness and reduces wrinkles and aging signs. It is also made up of avocado oil, chamomile oil, green tea and other powerful ingredients that work wonders on skin.

Re’equil under eye cream for dark circles

Re’equil under eye cream is particularly made for dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. It contains Vitamin C & E, quinoa seeds, and antioxidants properties. Also, this has hyaluronic acid which is highly beneficial for hydration and thereby it reduces the dark circles and feels soothing on the eyes and reduces eye stress.

Olay ultimate eye cream

Olay under eye cream has soothing effects and easy to wear under makeup. It has soothing and relaxing effects on stressed eyes after the hectic day. It hydrates the skin which reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffy eyes. Hydration also leads to the reduction of wrinkles and aging-signs around the eyes.

Neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair cream SPF 30 

Neutrogena eye cream claims to reduce the dark circles and wrinkles within weeks. It has a fast repairing formula that helps in reducing wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes. The plus point is – this product contains SPF that helps to protect the delicate skin of eyes from sun damage and pollution. But this cream is a little bit expensive but if you can afford it then go for it.

Plum bright years under eye recovery gel

The natural and effective plum eye gel is vegan and free from all harmful chemicals. It reduces dark circles and puffiness. This cream contains argan oil, olive oil and plant betaine that is highly rich in hydration and nourishment. This is clinically proven to reduce dark circles and can be recycled as well.

Kaya brightening and firming eye cream

Kaya eye cream is very gentle on skin and helps to reduce the dark circles and aging-signs around the sensitive skin of eyes. It has great formulation with a well researched process. And it results in tight and bright skin. Use it daily for quick and better results.

Note:- All products have some pros and cons so it is necessary to do a patch test before using it.

Well! All these are the best eye cream available in India. Always look for hydrating ingredients like Vitamins, hyaluronic acid, argan oil, retinol and Niacinamide to reduce the dark circles and wrinkles. Consider using under eye cream according to your skin type. Look for hydrating ingredients for dry skin and Vitamins for oily skin.

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