Trusting Ayurvedic treatments isn’t a bad decision, right?

Well, everyone wants to be treated organically!

People, especially women really want to heal their skin problems by natural remedies instead of going for clinical treatments as these surgeries are expensive and time occupying for us. So, we end up either using home or natural treatments.

In order to make it simpler, today, we would be discussing about a magical product similar to Nalpamaradi thailam. It is Kumkumadi thailam. So let’s move forward to know more, without thinking twice over this highly effective and beneficial Ayurvedic product.

Up for it? Let’s dive-in!

What is Kumkumadi Oil?

Made from natural and organic herbs and oils this wonderful oil l, also known as Kumkumadi thailam is Ayurvedic facial oil that serves cosmetics and therapeutic effects on your skin without any allergies. Apart from hydrating the skin, it works as a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. The secret of this magical oil lies in its ingredients which are strongly Ayurvedic and gives a number of benefits to the skin.


Skin Brightening

The most important and widely used ingredient of this oil is Kesar or saffron to give a fresh skin tone. By brightening the skin cells and enhancing the circulation of blood by improving the overall complexion. Apart from saffron, sandalwood is the second most essential ingredient that extracts from the scented bark of the sandalwood tree. It holds skin-lightening elements with calming attributes which makes the oil best for applying in summers too.

Skin Infection Healer

Kumkumadi is not only good for skin brightening but also beneficial for skin blemishes, fungal allergies. This is the best way to use Kumkumadi Oil with its anti-fungal attributes from Lac, also known as Laksha which comes from the sticky secretion of lac insects and proves extremely helpful in aiding skin diseases. Apart from Lac, many other Ayurvedic items added in the oil are used in skin healing. Attained from a continuing climber which grows in the Himalayas, Indian Madder (Manjistha) gives anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities. Comes from Sappan Wood or Indian Redwood (Pattanga) and Lotus Pollens (Kamala Keshara) gives this Thailam salving features and mends the skin from redness.

Pigmentation and Discoloring

This feature is fulfilled by an organic skin brightening Ayurvedic item, i.e. Licorice root extract (Madhuyashtika) in Kumkumadi Oil. This decreases the enzyme that promotes pigmentation from sun exposure. It also helps in lightening the dark pigmentation emerging from any kind of scars. The combination of wild Himalayan cherry (Padma), banyan leaves (Nyarodhna), and roots of Vetiver (Usheera) present in the thailam are additional Ayurvedic herbs that are beneficial in rejuvenating the complexion and curing discoloration of the skin. Such ingredients make good medicine for dark spots and hyperpigmentation too.

Controlling Oiliness

Unlike other facial oils, Kumkumadi oil is best for skin due to its unique ingredients that are suitable and also useful for oily derma. Indian barberry (Kaliyaka) present in this oil helps in reducing sebum, unclogging pores, and prevents acne. The Blue Lotus seed extract manages to get smooth and glowing skin by stabilizing oil and breakouts of the skin. The flowers of Mahua (Madhuka) are plucked to make this oil generate calming characteristics as the use of skin toner. One of two drops is enough to apply to the skin.

Nourishment and Moisturization

This thailam is considered to be the most hydrating and moisturized facial oil chosen for your skin as it is a blending of 10 powerful Ayurvedic roots which are also known as Dashamool, is there in Kumkumadi Oil. And only because of these roots, the oil is helpful in healing excessive dryness from the skin.

Usage in Three Simple Steps

Before Oiling – Start with cleaning your face just like a usual wash at night. After that, damp your skin with pure rose/mogra/lavender or Vetiver water

Face Oiling – Pour around 2-3 drops of Kumkumadi oil on your hands and apply gently on your face with fingers. Massage in circular motions till your skin absorbs it completely.

After Oiling – Let the Kumkumadi Thailam sit for the entire night and give a gentle wash, in the next morning. Use can also use a cleanser for better results.

Shesha Auraveda Kumkumadi Thailam

 Top Brand for Kumkumadi Thailam

This Ayurvedic night serum Kumkumadi Thailam assists with maintaining skin composition. Prepared with Pure saffron, this serum removes the dull and composition of skin cells. Carrying the extracts of Banyan and Indian Maddar, it helps in softening the fine lines and wrinkles form your face along with the fixation of early maturing indications. It also has the qualities of sandalwood, lotus and vetiver with the calm and cool effect for burning skin. Licorice is present in this product to assist with skin protection from bacterial and fungal diseases which are contagious in nature. Finally, it gives you a even complexion tone.

Shesha Kumkumadi thailam is non-vegan and contains Goat’s milk in it. It acts as anti-ageing component by reducing wrinkles and fine lines from you face. Working on dark circles and brightening of skin are also one of its best properties to carry. It is facial oil and can be used as a night treatment for many. You can use it by spraying a sufficient amount of rose water on the face. After that, take 3-4 drops of Kumkumadi thailam and massage very gently until absorbed by skin. Finally, rinse it after 30-45 minutes or wash it in the morning for better results. Always use it in the way it is advised to be used.


Well, it was a lot of information where we told you about what is Kumkumadi oil, it’s benefits, usage. You must definitely try this as this would be a great start towards an Ayurvedic treatment.

On that note, keeping it short, let’s hope you liked the article and found what you were looking for. Please share your views and opinions in the comment section below and also don’t forget to visit Makeupholic World for this kind of great and reliable content.



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