Hi dearies….So , Here I am going to announce the GIVEAWAY WINNER…..yay!!! First of all
Let me thank each one of my subscribers for the love and care shown towards me..For the kindness and care, u all showered on my blog…:) and for participating in this giveaway…Even if you didn’t win..Don’t panic…I have planned yet another cute giveaways in future:))

I really had a tough time in selecting the winner…I received a total ofย 34505 entries
There were a couple of fake as well as invalid entries too, I had to reject a couple of people who got selected as they didn’t follow the mandatory step that is email subscription. The first winner who got selected wasย Anna Xoutou , But unfortunately i had to reject her as she have failed to subscribe to my email updates…. Next, I selectedย 
erma riestiana, I had to reject her too as she too failed to subscribe to my email updates…Sorry Anna and Erma, Email Subscription is a mandatory entry..Rules are Rules and I have to reject you guys as you failed to follow the basic steps…So I selected a next Winner:))

Now lets move on to the Winner….The winner is …………………………

Congrats Jyo :))
Enjoy your Urban Decay & Sleek Makeup Goodies!!!!! You are so lucky!!!

Thanks for all Participants:))