Girls, Today’s review is about a body cream that I received from Ethicare group 3 months back. Its a specially developed moisturizing cream base with excellent spread ability with the goodness of natural moisturizer aloevera.

Hydrofil cream is available in pack of 50 gm, 150 gm & most economical pack of 500 gm.

50 gm    | Rs. 108
150 gm  | Rs. 190
500 gm | Rs. 410



Read more about the product in this picture below.IMG_7316




About the packaging. Comes in a plastic tub like this one above. Cream is white in color with a thick consistency. I found the fragrance to be very strong for my liking. But- as I spread it on my body – the smell faints. I like the fact that it is not greasy like other body butters/creams. It spreads easily. I have only applied it on the dry areas of my body such as leg. And I find it combat with dryness for upto 6 hours. Definitely not my favorite and the tub packaging can be messier and you always need a spatula to scoop the product out.

Overall, when it comes to body butters/souffles- What I look about the most is the fragrance. I am not happy with the fragrance. However If you are on a budget and want to pick a decent moisturizer that keeps skin soft and supple for about 6 hours after application- You might like this.. Best part about this is it comes in different sizes (good quantity for the price) with cheaper price tag and is easily available.

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