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Give your skin the burst of hydration. It’s much required these days! Almost every hour during day and night, We are glued to gadgets, Who have time for a proper skincare. Most of us suffer from severe skin damage. Though no products can completely stop skin damage. To an extend these skin damages can be prevented if proper care is taken. Here comes the importance of using skincare products that targets skin dullness and dehydration problems.

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Dot & Key launched their hydration skincare range. With the hydrating powers of hyaluronic acid – infused with natural botanicals – tired, dull skin is about to be a thing of the past. Wake up with plump and happy skin every morning with Dot & Key’s exclusive essentials for skin hydration. In this post, I am featuring Hydration skincare range. Gives your skin much needed rest and gets you a good night’s sleep. Get ready to let your skin soak in all the moisture overnight and you wake up to hydrated, plump skin like never before ????????


Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic Essentials for a glass skin

Hey my lovelies. Glass Skin routine is taking the beauty world by storm. While Koreans are taking the skincare routine to the next level, Let me also tell you that flawless radiant skin is not something that is a distant dream. In today’s post I am going to take you through Pixi Beauty products that could help you achieve your most radiant skin! ⁣⁣⁣

Now, what exactly is a Glass skincare routine. Well, it’s that flawless, radiant, dewy, glass-like skin. Start with cleansing your skin, followed by a serum, essence, moisturizer, and mist – all specifically curated for your own skin type. The whole skincare game relies on using products that are hydrating and those which well maintain the pH balance of your skin.

These Pixi Beauty Skintreats Glow Collection and these glow-enhancing products are designed to bring out your most beautiful inner glow. Why waiting ? If you are looking for a skincare regime for a radiant, soft skin; Read on! #PixiGlowStory


Escape To Hydration With New eos Skincare – Aqua Collection & eos Lipbalms

eos is famous for their cute looking hydrating lip balms that come in a variety of flavours and packaging. I love how these mini egg shaped lip balms look. This post features some of the newest releases from the brand – eos Aqua Collection which are online exclusives. Also featured some of my latest lip balm picks from them – Marine Collection 2 Pack & Active Lip Balm – Aloe with SPF 30

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Luxury Natural, Paraben-Free Bath and Wellness Products From Ayca

Feeling healthy and looking fresh requires more than exercising or eating right. What we use on our hair or skin  is just as important to our health and wellness. In today’s post, I am featuring a natural bath, body and wellness range of products which helps make your skin soft and smooth. These are made without parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, or artificial fragrance etc

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In Turkish, the word “ayca” means the rising new moon- a time considered magical to begin, create, cultivate and develop. I got introduced to this wonderful brand ‘Ayca’ which is a luxury bath and wellness brand that creates products using all natural ingredients and traditional Indian home remedies. For a nature lover like me, their products were ‘love at first sight’.

Ayca was founded by Mallyeka Watsa and Himani Singh. Ayca’s recipes have been passed down from Mallyeka’s great grandmother, and use only the purest ingredients, with a commitment to “preserve the ancient crafts and offer a holistic approach to refresh, replenish, and revitalize.”


Skincare Range with 24K Gold ? Perfect for your #SkincareObsessed Friend

‘Colloidal gold’ in skincare products have become one popular ingredient  lately. Talking about Gold, Well, it’s so much more than the precious metal. Colloidal gold, is a anti-ageing ingredient with proven anti-inflammatory and skin rejuvenating properties. Colloidal gold is known for its ability to heal microdamage, making it an ideal skincare ingredient for those with sensitive, sun damaged and acne scarred skin. Since gold is in the form of nanoparticles, it can penetrate the cell membranes making it an effective ingredient against the signs of aging on a cellular level.

I love skincare products that are packaged in Gold.  I think packaging plays equal role when I select any kind of product. I was totally amazed at how perfect these looked when packed as stocking stuffers. These are a perfect gift idea to anyone who is a sucker for gold packaging like me. All thanks to wonderful team at Bio-essence for sending these fabulous 24K Bio-Gold skincare range to me.


Best Skincare Products for Urban Girl ?? MURAD Skincare

Have you ever thought what kind of damage your digital gadgets can bring to your skin. Also, city life and exposure to pollution does a lot of skin damage too. Researches show that living in cities makes you look older. The polluted urban air will make you age 10 per cent faster than anywhere else. Pollution is much more than the fumes coming out of vehicles.. While nitric oxide and hydrocarbons from burned fuel forms major component, don’t forget there’s all kind of floating debris in the air.

Air pollution is known for causing premature aging, acne, accelerating wrinkles and dark spots, and drying out the complexion. Also, let’s not forget the damage done from digital devices. I am a kind of person who is glued to laptop more than 11 hours of my day. Phone and Tab are pretty much glued to my hands as well. I recently got awareness regarding the blue light from these devices which can actually cause damage for the skin.

So, What next – How to take care of your skin from these threat ? Reducing Skin exposure to pollution is likely still the most effective method. Even working indoors doesn’t mean you’re free from exposure to pollution. That’s why it’s important to clean your skin at the end of the day, once it helps to remove all the potential irritants and pollutants that have attached to our skin throughout the day. Most importantly switch to skincare that protects your skin from these environmental aggressors including  digital devices, pollution, infrared radiation and UVA/UVB. When skin’s appearance is affected by all these environmental assault or you have signs of aging, uneven skin tone, wrinkles, or an apparent loss of firmness, retinol products help minimize those concerns. Studies have clearly shown that retinol naturally turns around how skin appears—which makes it one of the most exciting skincare ingredient. The wonderful MURAD team kindly sent me some of the skincare products. In today’s post I will be discussing in detail on how I use each of them.



After face waxing/threading – I face the problem of redness of the face and dry patches around my cheek area. While I am allergic to most pre wax and post wax products- Also, the tricky cold weather leave my skin dehydrated during the day and I was in search of a good face hydrating gel after finishing this
Korean grapefruit gel I have been using. That’s when I was sent this face gel from Za Cosmetics.

In today’s review, I am going to share my experience about Za DEEP HYDRATION LASTING MOISTURE GEL