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Hi makeupholics…Today I am reviewing MAC Candy Yum-Yum for you all. A lipstick which is named similar to “candy” and the shade is eye- candy is worth to see and swatch at least once ! yes today’s review going to be the eye-candy lipstick “candy yum yum”.

Packaging & Price: Rs.990/- when I brought but now it increased to Rs.1190/-


MAC candy yum yum was first launched as a part of Mac quite cute collection where due to its huge popularity it is made permanent.

MAC describes the shade bright pink shade. I totally agree it is the most shocking neon blue tone pink shade that I collected till now among all lipsticks. The lipstick is matte finish for which the shade looks more pop up in any skin tone so it is definitely not for faint heart people. This lipstick was huge hit when it was first launch and after getting loads of votes by mac loving people this one made comeback in MAC as permanent line. I am a fair(NC 35) and I love bright pinks but when I first saw the swatches of the lipstick online I decided to skip it as I thought I could not carry it, the shade lean more towards neon. Moreover many of my friends told me that the shade is so bright that it could scare anybody or it is just perfect for Halloween party…. So I decided before I judge I should try that shade at store first so I try it on store and voila….It is bright pink without doubt but it instantly brighten up my face and finally I could resist myself to grab it.

The texture of the lipstick being matte one can feel slight drying up of lips so applying lip balm and blot the excess before applying the lipstick is suggested. Proper exfoliation should be done else one might end up uneven layering of shade on lips which is a big “no no”… I personally found the lipstick is not that much matte in texture as I don’t feel any tugging or pulling of my lips neither I feel any sort dryness after applying it on my lips. The lipsticks stays pretty well 5-6 hours ad can survive heavy meal with slight bit of fading towards the inner side of the lips which is very obvious. Well pigmented undoubtedly ifact being pigmented It is a quite hydrating lipstick. The shade being neon pink I would suggest medium skin beauties should avoid it unless you are comfortable to carry that kind of bright neon pink. The lipstick stains a lot, which I found very common factor with all the deep shades of  MAC.

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  • -Nice pigmented.
  • -Stains a lot.
  • -Stays pretty 5-6 hours.
  • -Survive heavy meal.
  • -A perfect shade of pink for yellow tones fair beauties.
  • -It is a hydrating lipstick which turns in matte after few minutes of application.
  • -Now permanent one.


  • -Bright neon pink that is not a versatile shade and thus will not suit everyone unless anyone is comfortable to carry this kind of bright shades.
  • -Not good for dry lips as it will look uneven on dry lips.
  • -Availability might be an issue although it is permanent now.

My rating:  3/5

My recommendation:  as I told earlier the lipstick is not for faint hearted people neither it is a versatile shade that can be carry by anyone so I would definitely suggest you to try it at store first before you decide to buy else it is a nice bright pink lipstick that instantly brighten up my face and one of my favorite pink lipstick too.

Makeupholic World : Hey, Samm….Another great pick from your collection! Looking Awesome on you as always!

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Samannita Modak · June 18, 2014 at 7:14 am

eeeeeeeeeeeeee thank you Renji for posting it 🙂

Vipra S · June 18, 2014 at 11:33 am

Such Stunning Shade ! Looks Fab on You Samannita <3 🙂

Preethi · June 18, 2014 at 11:04 pm

pretty the shade

Shreoshe · June 19, 2014 at 4:54 am

Wonderful review…… Lovely shade

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