Hi makeupholics….Hope you all enjoyed the weekend… Today I am reviewing the naked overnight Elixir Serum by Lisa Haydon. I have been using this since Feb ever since I got this. Now, I am about to finish this in another one month time and  I think this is the best time to review this.


A little about it

This overnight repair wear miracle serum makes your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom. No kidding! Nourishing avocado and healing rose hip oils will restore elasticity, work away pigmentation, prevent premature ageing & is full of antioxidants. Extracts of Germanium and Lavender will balance and revitalize you. Naked is 100% natural.

Packaging  & Price

Comes in a glass bottle with a dropper. I really like the packaging. But, One has to be very careful with it as its made of glass and not so travel friendly..
Qty : 15 ml; Price : 1100 Rs; Where to Buy : Fabbag




Directions to use: Apply 3-4 drops of oil onto the palms of your hands and spread all over facial skin, including around eyes and sensitive/dehydrated areas. Leave overnight for hydrated, fresh and youthful skin. Warning: do not use if you have any essential oil allergies. Use within 1 yr.

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My Experience using the NAKED Overnight Elixir by Lisa Haydon

I am using this religiously since Feb now 🙂 I must say that I just love this product…There are several reasons on why I love this product so much. First and foremost thing, it didn’t break me out..i have a super super sensitive skin and I am literally scared to try anything new than the usual products I use. But, after trying and liking other Lisa Haydon products such as Potion Lotion, Oats and Honey mask, Apricot Fudge mask etc..I thought of ordering this one…I am glad I did. After cleansing my face every night, I took few drops and gently massaged under my eyes, concentrating more on my facial area such as my forehead, around my nose and mouth etc.. I applied my regular eye cream after massaging my eye area with this oil. I love the effect on my skin. My skin feels so soft, hydrated all night and I woke up to fresh looking skin everyday. I am using this every night since Feb 16 and half of the bottle is still left..I will definitely repurchase this. I tried this is in winters as well as Summers and I loved the effect on my skin.

*Completely natural
*Improves Skin texture if used daily
*makes skin soft, supple and hydrated
*A very good alternative for Night Creams
*Suits sensitive skin
*No break outs / irritation/redness on skin

*Glass bottle is not travel friendly
*Even though in the site its mentioned , use within an year, I think if used daily it will only last for 4 months.

**Note: if you are allergic to essential oils mentioned on the ingredient list, stay away from this. I keep this refrigerated. This is an HG product for me..



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Have you tried any of the LISA HAYDON products…If yes, Which ones, How do you rate them?


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Dollie Solanki · June 16, 2014 at 2:43 am

I have the Naked Potion Lotion lying in the fridge but I haven’t got around to using it yet. This serum/oil sounds wonderful. Need to try out the lotion first and then think if this serum 🙂

    makeupholicworld · June 16, 2014 at 5:03 am

    Use it dollie, u will love it….I think naked potion lotion is best suited in winters

Paritashah26 · June 16, 2014 at 10:42 am

which one you recommend more this serum or the naked lotion? I want to try one 🙂

    renji · June 16, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    this one anytime!!!

makeupholicworld · October 5, 2014 at 4:58 pm

One of the awesome Serums I have ever tried!!!! I highly recommend this

Urvashidevi Jhala · December 22, 2017 at 11:40 pm

I have used Naked potion lotion brand by Lisa Haydon… i bought from fabbag… its too good… i want to buy but it is not sold by fabbag anymore nor it is available on flipkart. So please guide me from where i can buy… any other way i can buy from

Swati · June 14, 2018 at 4:28 pm

Hey where can I buy this thing seems like a pretty good product

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