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Shesha Ayurveda Kumkumadi Thailam for Skin Brightening

If you have been following me since long, You would have already read my post about Kumkumadi Thailam. If you understand Ayurveda and if you are fascinated by the ways herbs and natural ingredients work, Then Kumkumadi Thailam would be as interesting. Ayurveda too, has different text references that mention a magic potion of several herbs and natural ingredients infused together to one powerful skin potion. Ayurveda’s gift to mankind – Ashtanga Hrudayam, the “Heart or Essence of all the Eight Branches of Ayurveda,” is one of the primary root texts of Ayurveda. Let’s learn in detail about Kumkumadi Thailam. The name “Kumkumadi” comes from its main ingredient – Saffron, which is known as ‘Kumkuma’ in Sanskrit.
Often described as – ‘Miraculous Elixir’ ; It’s often said, Applying this magic potion at night will transform your face.

In this Post, we’ll take a look at the benefits of Kumkumadi thailam, its ingredients, directions to use, and also answering some of the commonly asked questions about its usage.


Shesha Beauty x Ashtapathy Products | my new favourites + Some Ingredient Checklist

Tired after a long day at work????? While long stressful hours at work are part of our common schedule, I am totally against taking that stress home. I like to pamper myself with products that restore the freshness feel after I get back home. I got recently introduced to Ashtapathy products that are natural, chemical free and #MadeInKerala

Ashtapathy Ayurvedic products are prepared with pure and potent coconut oil as the base and several medicinal herbs through a 100% natural process. In today’s post I am introducing to you my new favorite soap and shampoos