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Hello to all wonderful readers of Makeupholic World…I am really glad to present before you the swatches of all the MAC lipsticks that I own…A lot of you have been asking me about my MAC Collection. So, I thought its a wonderful opportunity to flaunt my collection through this collective swatch post 🙂  I will also include little detail about MAC lipstick fishes at the end of this post so that it helps you all in getting a clear idea about each of those finishes…
People often ask me to suggest them some shades of brown from MAC” or “something from Pink” so for them here I am up with my entire collection of MAC lipsticks.
Before starting I must tell you most of the shades I am reviewing here today suits all…but different skin tone will show up these shades differently, For e.g Amaorous might show up differently on people. So, My sincere advice would be check the shade at store before buying. Never trust store light too..Here, In my post, I have swatched all of the shades in natural daylight light…This is going to be a picture heavy post 🙂
So, let’s get started!
Presenting before you the Swatches & review of 14 MAC Lipsticks
Wow, the Gorgeous packaging !!



Few Information
I personally prefer the Matte and Satin range of MAC Lipsticks so my entire collection is based on these two ranges 
Among 14 lipsticks only three are limited edition. 
>>THREE Limited Edition Ones(Priced 1100 INR each)
  • LOVE GODDESS from MARLYN MONROE collection
While PINK PIGEON from STRENGTH collection was priced as normal MAC lipsticks 990 INR although it was a limited edition.
Next comes MINERALIZE RANGE [GLAMOUR ERA] and PRO LONGWEAR RANGE [LOVE FOREVER!]. Both are priced little high than the normal MAC lipsticks.
The mineralize range priced 1600 INR- and they are permanent range.
The pro longwear range priced as 1500 INR- and they are also permanent range.
Rests of 10 lipsticks are from Matte and Satin collection from MAC.
Each cost 990 INR- each.
So this is the entire collection of MAC lipsticks. You can see all 14 lipsticks lined up together here! Confused? Which lipstick is ruby woo? Or which one is mehr? Here is the guideline for the picture !

Starting from left to right the lipsticks are:-
Ruby woo, Russian Red, Chili, Twig, Mehr, Taupe, Mocha, Amorous, Captive, Pink pigeon, Daddy’s little girl, Love goddess, Glamour era and love forever!
Starting from the red and reddish pink… here are the shades from left to right direction are Ruby woo, Russian Red, Chili and Love Goddess.

MAC Ruby Woo – blue-based red with a matte finish and nearly opaque color coverage , A little drying after 4-5 hours of wear
MAC Russian Red – Beautiful blue based red that flatter most skin tones, matte finish & lasting power is perfect!!
MAC Chilli – A brownish orange red, matte finish, colour suits most Indian ski ntone, wear time of 4-5 hours, might feel like drying for some people
MAC Love Goddess– brightened, pink-red with a satin finish, applies evenly and lasting power alomost 4-5 hours…

Next coming to the plum shades, I have two plum shades which you say are pretty near to each other, so if you have one you can avoid other one. The shades are from left to right direction are Amorous and Captive.

MAC Amorous – beautiful berryish plum color with hint of red, satin finish, 3-4 hours wear time , idea lfor offcie wear

MAC Captive– Pinkish plum color lipstick , satin ginish with 4-5 hours of wear time, ideal for office wear

Next coming to browns and neutral pinks…here is the shades from left to right direction are Twig, Taupe, Mehr, Mocha, and Glamour Era

MAC Twig – Soft muted brownish pink, satin finish – 4-5 hours wear time
MAC Taupe – muted reddish-taupe brown colour.  Ideal for office wear ;more of a brown colour with a very slight orange-red tone compliments asian skin tones
MAC Mehr – blue-toned medium pink. It has a matte finish, 5-6 hours of wear time. Similar to MAC Cosmo
MAC Mocha – medium-dark peachy brown. It has a satin finish ; 4-5 hours of wear time
MAC Glamour Era – medium-dark brown with warm, peachy undertones and a very slight shimmer.

And at last coming to my favorite shades from pink are from left to right direction: – Pink pigeon, Daddy’s little girl and Love forever! 

MAC Pink Pigeon – bright, blue-based medium pink with a mostly matte finish
MAC Daddy’s Little Girl – mid-tone pink violet with a satin finish- 6 hours wear time.
MAC Love Forever– Fuchsia pink lipstick, satin & amplified finish, 4-5 hours of wear time

 Now, its time for Lip swatches 🙂 At the end of the post tell me in your comment section, which is your favorite shade 🙂


Quoting below the Different MAC Lipstick Finishes- Frost, Glaze, Lusture, Cremesheen, Matte, Amplified Creme & Satin.

A little detail about each finishes…

  1. Frost : These are often shimmery. The finish will be slightly glossy..
  2. Glaze : As the name suggests, the most sheer coverage one. They don’t dry your lip area. They leave the lips glossier.
  3. Satin :This is another one of MAC’s long wearing lipstick formulas. get 4-5 hours of wear and easily survives meal too. These are full coverage and slightly creamier than the Matte lipsticks but not as creamy as the Cremesheens.
  4. Matte: As the name suggest, these are matte, neither creamy, shiny or glossy. Typically this is one of MAC’s longest wearing lipstick finishes, and I tend to get about 5-6 hours wear before I need to reapply. These lipsticks do last a long time on the lips, however because they are long wearing they tend to dry out the lips. 
  5. Amplified Creme: Most of the shades which fall into this finis hare very bright. Basically has a fuller coverage then cremesheen finish. Basically get 4 hours wear.
  6. Lusture :  A finish very much similar to Frost on first swipe and a slightlyglossier version of cremesheen .This finish doesn’t last a long time on lips and I prefer lipsticks that give a fuller coverage.
  7. Cremesheen : One of MAC’s most popular finish. these lipsticks give a medium coverage that can be built up to full coverage. These are creamy and not drying lip area too

Hope you all found this post helpful 🙂 Comment below which is your favorite shade. In the coming week ,  I will review MAC Riri Woo too 🙂 

Love & Enjoy the weekend!!
Samannita 🙂

Makeupholic World Edit >>>> Awesome Post Samannita and gorgeous lip swatches too!!! My favorites are Love Goddess, Captive, Glamour Era 🙂

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