Ethicare Epishine Vitamin C Serum

Guest Post by Poorna

I love stuff with Vitamin C in it, therefore, when I found out about Epishine, which is a serum with around 15% Vitamin C in it, imagine my happiness. I immediately opened it, and started using it. It was packed securely in a blue container, and as I took it, I could almost feel my skin say, “Hello there!” when I opened it. Following the instructions written on the package, I started using it immediately. (more…)

Ethicare Akmasq Pimple Care Complexion Mask Review

Guest Post by : Poorna

My skin is mostly well-behaved nowadays, but after two trips to Darjeeling, and a lot of sudden climate changes, it suddenly turned truant, and broke out like anything! I was panicking, and that was definitely not great news for my skin, because the breakouts turned towards worse, and the stuff I generally apply on my pimples, weirdly, did not work for some reason. That is when I suddenly remembered the Ethicare. Akmasq I had in my stash, and decided to use it.007

Epiclin Cleansing Lotion – A dupe of Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion ?

Girls, Today I am going to talk about a most affordable cleansing lotion that is meant for sensitive skin. One of the best affordable cleansing lotions available in India. Its the Epiclin Cleansing Lotion. Since 2- 3 years I have been using only Cetaphil as my cleansing lotion. I have used and also currently using a couple of  cleansing foams – But no a cleansing lotion. Epiclin Cleansing Lotion is one product which I found to be very much similar to Cetaphil. I love both. Can’t decide which is my favorite. Read my review to know why I rave so much about this cleansing lotion.