Product Description – Kozilite-H Cream Skin Lightening Cream

For Better, Faster & Proven results in Hyperpigmentation

Combining 2 master skin lightening agents: Hydroquinone + Kojic Acid

  • Ideal for Melasma & Generalized Pigmentation.
  • Balanced formula to treat uneven skin tone.

Price : 295 INR for 20 g of product ; Available in all medical stores across India or Ethicare Website here

Ingredients – Refer to the picture below

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Packaging is very simple. Comes in a purple plastic tube with an outer cardboard box. The outer carton details about the ingredients, price, shelf life etc. The plastic tube has a seal to it. The cream is pale yellow in color. The texture is very soft on touch. The cream has a strong fragrance. Now, as I have a very sensitive skin. I decided to not use it on my face. I have few ingrown hair marks on my leg area and i decided to see, if this helps in getting rid of that marks.  I used this every night for about a month and I didn’t see any noticeable results…Cream is very light weight and gets easily absorbed by the skin. it don’t leave the area greasy. I was very unhappy about the results..I definitely not recommend this product to anyone. Especially to use on face if you have a sensitive skin like mine.  Here is the swatch of the product. Also, I dislike the strong smell of this. Especially if you are someone like me with migraine issues. You may find the smell too overpowering.  Totally, a disappointment!


Overall, I didn’t like this much as I didn’t see any improvement on the scars/ pigmentation marks/ spots on my skin. I dislike the strong smell and I won’t recommend this to anyone. Use any creams with Hydroquinone + Kojic Acid with a doctor’s prescription. I won’t recommend using this product or similar ones without the consultation of doctor. I find it very risky. Even if you suffer from melasma/ hyper pigmentation, you never know what dosage is appropriate for your skin/skin condition. I am happy that I didn’t take the risk to apply it on my face to see any results.

** Product send by the brand PR. However my review is honest and unbiased as always.