Hi dearies…..
Today I am sharing review about a lip gloss set which I purchases recently.
Its Hedys Manishma 36 Pc Mini Lipgloss Set

Package description
Lip fun. Wear as a color. Layer as a sheer shine. Use gold, silver or bronze top coat to add sparkling accents. 36 mini lipgloss shades each with a perfect lip wand for easy application.

Packaging and Price
Comes with a price tag of 6.99 GBP
its packaged in a cardboard pack and has several racks to keep the lip glosses in place…
Its an ideal gift…and Its great for travel…


Let me share the snaps first

Hope you enjoyed my swatches….
These ranges from nudes,pinks,reds,neutrals 🙂
luv them all..

I can’t say that these glosses lasts for ever…They last  for 3-4 hours…I am kind of a person who retouches the lip every 3 hours :)) .
The best thing is that..they are so smaller that you can carry it in ur jeans pocket…:PP
They have glitters to it…and are very much shiny as yo ucan see from the swatches…If you are going on a holiday and don’t want to take all the shades of your expensive glosses with you..then you can go for this… which will save a lot of space 🙂

You can use it while you go out for  shopping or nearby places…hehehe 😀
you can play around with several colors…:)) I really like the shade range..It has a color for every occasion
Overall I liked the look of this and for this price…Its cheaper… :))


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